Thursday, May 22, 2008

They're gonna remove my what????

Today I didn't go to school cause Mommy and me had a very important doctors appointment to go to. It was my first visit ever to an ENT (ears, nose, throat) doctor. Mommy said he was gonna help me to hear again and get all that junk out of my ears. Since I really want to hear good again I was an excellent little patient. I didn't complain when we had to wait an hour in the waiting room (Mommy did though), I sat almost still for my x-ray, and I didn't even cry when they wrapped me up like a baby and poked in my ears! The verdict?

In the very near future I have to have tubes put in my ears and my adenoids removed! I don't even know what an adenoid is, but the doctor said mine are way too big and that is probably why I keep getting sick and can't hear. So those things are outta here!

Hopefully we can get this all taken care of before speech camp starts, I want Mommy to get her money's worth!

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