Wednesday, May 31, 2006

I was a naughtly boy today! First this morning I grabbed Mommy's glasses off her face and threw them down the stairs. She really hates when I do that because she can't see anything without them and has to get all the way down the steps without stepping on them or dropping me. Unfortunately she is very nearsighted, so even without her glasses on she could see my big michevous smile! Whoops! Then at every meal today I spit my food and water at Mommy and then Daddy when he got home. In my defense I was teething pretty bad today so that may have something to do with it. I still laughed each time though, spitting is fun!

Even though I was bad for Mommy, I was good for my therapists. My speech teacher tested me with objects to see if I knew the word for them. I got Block, Book, Cup, and Spoon all right today and she said she was sure I had mastered those words. So next week we will start working on more, she tested me by holding both up and asking me to pick the right one...multiple choice tests are soooo easy! But my speech teacher was really excited about my progress, so that is good.

My OT came over today too. She brought these cool new crayons that are shaped like the bulb syringe they used to clean my nose out with in the NICU. They were easier to hold to color, but I wasn't that into coloring. I made a few dots, but then I decided to stack them instead. I did a great job stacking them and even got five stacked together all by myself. My OT was very impressed.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

No sleeping in today! Mommy woke me up early cause she needed a hug. I was happy to give her one, it was a fair trade...I really needed a diaper change! She also wasn't in the mood to go to the lab so no blood test today, yay!

We played a bunch and watched Signing Time together. I watched and Mommy ate lunch. She says she likes Signing Time cause she can sing along even while her mouth is full! I liked watching her make all the signs, Mommy is so silly sometimes. I really wish that I could make all those signs too, but it just hasn't clicked for me yet, maybe soon.

I had to pull my shopping cart over so I could get to all the food in it. I had a great time playing with it all and putting it back into the cart. The cart and food are the best toys ever, even if I am not using it much the way I am supposed learn to walk. Mommy's belly is really big and it is hard for her to lean over to help me walk. She says it will be gone in a week and a half! What kinda miracle diet is she gonna do??? I guess we will see.

Tommorow is a very busy day. I have both Speech and OT!

Monday, May 29, 2006

Another Daddy-filled day! I could really get used to this, but unfortunately he has to go back to work tommorow. It is just gonna be me and Mommy again for a little bit.

Have I told you guys how much I love the TV? I love my Signing Time, my Wiggles, and pretty much anything else that is on. I love to stand right up next to the TV and try to grab things as they go across the screen...I never catch them though. When I go to Grandma Jan's house me and Grandpa Don like to sit on the couch and watch Sesame Street together. When I am at home I don't usually like to sit on the sofa...too much other stuff to get into!

Not much planned for tommorow. Mommy says we might go get my blood tested, but I hope she forgets or is too tired to go. I hate needles!!!!

Sunday, May 28, 2006

I slept in today cause I was really worn out by my trip to Grandma Jan's house! And no, I can't reach those cool new letters...oh well! Me and Daddy played all morning and it was so much fun! The really good news is that Daddy has tommorow off too so we get to do it all over again.

I really had a good time watching Daddy and Portia play together. She goes nuts and Daddy gets her to jump really high in the air, it is exciting to watch. I love Portia and I am getting so much better at petting her without pulling her hair. She even lets me near her sometimes now, we are gonna be great friends, I can tell.

It was a fun relaxing day, and we get to do it all over again tommorow...yay!

Saturday, May 27, 2006

What a fun day today! Me and Grandma Jan and Grandpa Don all went for a long car ride to Havre De Grace. We walked along the water and I even got to crawl around a little. It was so much fun! Then we went to lunch and I ate a grilled cheese sandwich and was a good little boy. I took a nap on the ride home and then I was all rested up so I could tear apart Grandma's house. I pulled out all my toys and got into everything I wasn't supposed to, it was great. Then we played on the swingset and I tried to climb up the slide, it didn't work too well.

It was great spending so much time with my grandparents, but I am glad to be home now and sleeping in my own bed. When I get up in the morning I am definately gonna have to see if I can reach those letters Daddy hung over my crib!
Only a year later we finally hung Quinn's letters on the wall. Thanks for making them Grandpop Bill...time to start on Cooper's!!!
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Here is a picture of the new crib. Cooper will be sleeping here when he gets a little older. Quinn says he doesn't mind sharing his room...but he doesn't know what is really involved yet!
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Friday, May 26, 2006

I am staying at Grandma Jan's house tonight, but I still wanted to update my blog! Today was fun. I got to play with Daddy all morning and then we went over to Grandma Jan's. Guess what they got me??? A brand new swingset!!! I got to go outside with Grandpa Don and he pushed me in the swing. Mommy came out to see and she told me to pump my I did! It was probably just a coincidence, but still funny. Then I got to go on the slide a little bit, it was so much fun! Tonight we went to the supermarket and tommorow we are going to Harve De' Grace with Grandpa Don's Uncle Bus. I am gonna have so much fun that I won't even miss my Mommy!!!

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Mommy and me slept in today...just because we could! Then we played a bunch and I watched a show called "Big Big World" I really liked it. It has lots of cool animals on it and they sing a lot. Today's show was about how plants die if you don't water that is what happened to that pretty plant in the dining room!! When I grow up I am gonna be in charge of watering the plants, cause Mommy really isn't good at it!

My PT came over. I had a good time with her, except when she tried to get me to bear crawl up the stairs. That is not how I like to do it!!! Oh well, she didn't push too hard at least. The best part of my day was when Grandma Donna came over. We played and cuddled. I walked around in my walker while she helped get things ready for the baby. They brought up my old bassinette from the basement. I remember that thing, it was comfy....but not as comfy as my crib!

Tommorow I get to spend the night at Grandma Jan's! It should be really fun, I can't wait!

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

My speech teacher came over today! She was very impressed with me. She says she thinks my comprehension has really improved. She did the game where she holds up two things and I have to pick the one she tells me. I got it right almost every time, and when I didn't I stared at the right choice for a while before I decided to take the one I really wanted! I must be having a growth spurt in my brain, I am doing so well with all my therapists this week!!

Besides her visit me and Mommy and Portia just hung out all day. It was a pretty fun day and I got really excited when Daddy got home. I love him so much! He always has to pick Portia up first (cause she makes more noise than me), but then he always comes and gives me a big hug! He is the best Daddy ever!

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

I had a really fun day today. Mommy finally got out the toy food that I got as a birthday present. She put it all in my shopping cart for me and then I went over to investigate. I really liked all the different types of food. I had the best time taking it out of the main compartment of the cart and putting it into the smaller kids seat part of the cart! Then I put it all back in the main was so fun! I was so into what I was doing I was standing almost all by myself and didn't realize it!

Mommy also gave me a wooden spoon to play with today. She said since I had such a good time playing with one at Grandma Donna's house I could try at our house. I took it and banged it on every surface in the living room! It was great, it sounded especially good when I banged it on the TV!

Monday, May 22, 2006

My teacher came over today and I really suprised both her and Mommy! She has this piggy bank toy that has a little slot in the top. For the last few visits she has been trying to get me to put these little coins in the slot...but I could never do it. I couldn't figure out that I was supposed to turn them the right way and that was the only way they would fit. Every time I would get really frustrated and push the piggy away. Well, today was totally different. Somehow since last week I completely figured out how it works! With no help at all I got all of the coins in the slot on the first try! Then I was having so much fun I even did it again!! Mommy and Ms. Dorothy were both so proud of me, and I even caught Mommy wiping away a little tear. Ms. Dorothy said she was so happy she might even cry. I am so glad I could make them both so happy, wait till they see what I have planned next!!!

Even though I was extra good for my teacher I had to be a little bad. When Mommy put me down for my nap I figured out how to knock the painting Great Grandma Joan gave me right off the wall!! Mommy said Daddy is gonna have to move it now, cause I can't be trusted. I am such a little devil!!

This afternoon we went to see Mommy's doctor. We had to wait a really long time as usual, but I didn't mind too much cause there were other little kids there and I liked watching them. Plus all the ladies at the office always make such a big deal over me...I love the attention. They love me extra special cause they don't do that with any of the other kids that are always there! Then on the way home I was in a really good mood so I sang along with the radio, it was a good day!

Sunday, May 21, 2006

What an exciting day! Today we went to my Aunt Becky's graduation party. It was at Grandma Donna's house and it was so much fun! There were lots of people there and they all thought I was very cute (as usual). My cousins AJ and Jeffrey were there and so were some other big boys that I didn't know. I had the best time watching them play football in the yard, I can't wait until I am big enough to play along! I also just loved being outside and around lots of people. I didn't even mind that I totally missed my nap! I did fall asleep in my highchair at dinner, but the party was already over...and Mommy just reclined my seat and I took a nice nap!

It was a great day and I will definately sleep well tonight!

Saturday, May 20, 2006

I went over to Grandma Jan's house today and it was so much fun!! We went to the mall and I got to play in the kids play area! I had such a great time crawling around and watching all the other kid. Then we went over to the Rainforest Cafe and looked at the fish and watched the alligator, it was so neat! Of course we went to the food court for dinner too and I got to eat my new favorite, pizza!!

It was a really fun day! Tommorow we get to go to a party for Aunt Becky and I get to see a bunch of people there too. It is gonna be so much fun!!!

Friday, May 19, 2006

Today was really fun! This morning I had a great time playing with Portia. We played tug-of-war with her snake toy. I pulled on it and whipped it around just like Daddy does and we both had a really good time! I think Portia is starting to like me again, all those crackers I've been feeding her are finally paying off.

The best part of my day was when Grandma Donna came over after work. We got to play a bit and I had a good time watching her rearrange my room. They moved everything around and put another crib in there! Why, I only need one crib don't I? Oh well, Mommy says I will see what the new one is for soon enough. They also moved my changing table into the hallway, that might turn out to be pretty cool cause now I can look at the fan while I am getting changed! I like my new room though. There is plenty of room under that new crib for me to crawl around and Grandma found a bunch of old toys that I haven't played with in a long time.

Tommorow is Saturday so I get to go see Grandma Jan! A weekend full of grandparents! I can't wait!!!

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Another fun filled day! Mommy and me played most of the day. She got out my new robot toy that I got for my birthday. I really like him, especially the front part that lights up red when he talks. But I had the most fun today with a tissue! There was only one left in the box so Mommy let me grab it. I ripped it into thousands of little pieces and had a great time doing it! When it was all in tiny pieces I threw them up in the air and cheered! Mommy left them for Daddy to pick up since it is hard for her to bend over. Daddy blamed it on Portia!!! He thought she shredded the tissue but it was all me!

My PT came over today and that was fun. I showed her how I can walk behind my shopping cart and she was really impressed. I am much more comfortable with her now that I am getting to know her. I didn't cry once!!!

I also have to tell you about the new game I like to play with Mommy. It is called "playing hard to get". When she comes in to get me in the morning I move into the far corner of my crib and laugh at her! She can't even reach me when I do that and I think it is funny to watch her try! Of course, when she finally gets me I give her a big smile and a hug!

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Busy day today! I had appointments with both Speech and OT! Wednesdays can really be rough sometimes, I am glad Mommy doesn't schedule everyday like that.

I was in a really good mood today. In fact, I was in a very clapy mood today. I hardly ever clap, and almost never do it spontaneously, but today I clapped a bunch of times. I clapped when Mommy changed my diaper this morning. I clapped when I got more cheeiros. I clapped when Signing Time was over. Not sure why, but I was just in the mood today.

I was also in the mood to throw things. I threw everything! I drank out of my sippy cup pretty well, but the second Mommy let go I threw it on the floor. A couple of times I faked her out by acting like I was gonna be a good boy and drink...but then I just threw the cup on the floor and laughed! I also drove both my therapists crazy today cause everything they put in front of me I threw all the way across the room! My speech teacher says I have a pretty good arm and could be a pitcher someday! But why would I want to throw a ball, they are my favorite kind of toy!!!

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Today was fun! No appointments at all!!! Mommy and me watched Signing Times and played with all my toys. She even brought out some old toys I hadn't played with in a while and that was pretty cool. There was a toy I wanted that had been pushed under the pack & play so I tried to crawl under and get it. Well, I got stuck, but when Mommy came and pulled me out I had the toy in my hand! So it was worth it!

I got over my fear of the shopping cart today! I walked with it a bunch and Mommy was real proud of me. We made a deal that she would help me control the speed of the cart if I was willing to try again. She promised that she wouldn't let go until I was definately ready. It is cause we have hardwood floors, that is why the cart goes too fast sometimes. Maybe when I go stay with Grandma Jan for a few days I can take the cart with me and try it on her rugs! Pat Winders told Mommy that it is important for all the grandparents to help me with walking while she is recovering from having a baby, so they all better chip in! Also when my cousins come in July they can help a bunch...they are just the right height to help me walk!

Monday, May 15, 2006

This morning I showed Mommy that I really could drink perfectly from my sippy cup! Then this afternoon all I wanted to do was throw it on the floor... did she ever stop to think maybe I just wasn't thirsty?? Oh well, little steps are good, right?

My teacher came over this morning and we had lots of fun. We did a puzzle and I did a really good job. She brought over this cool vibrating thing and I really liked it! I kept putting it on my belly cause I liked how it felt. It was a good session even though she frustrated me a little...she is my only therapist that won't let me get away with stuff!!!

This afternoon we went downtown and saw Pat Winders. When I showed her how I still like to walk with my hands held she was really happy. She was worried it was gonna be a one time thing, just like Mommy was. Not a problem! We walked all around the therapy area, I liked looking at the other kids there, plus there were tons of toys to check out that I don't usually get to see. She said now I have to work on one handed walking. That makes me a little nervous, but it isn't too bad. I can handle it for short distances if I have to.

There was a baseball game tonight so we got stuck in really bad traffic. It was okay though cause I still had a little time to play with Daddy when we got home. It was a pretty fun day!

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Happy Mothers Day! I just want to tell my Mommy and all my Grandmommies that I love you all so much and you are the best!!!!

Today was Sunday so we all just hung out at home. It was a fun day! Me and Daddy gave Mommy a card for Mother's Day and I had a good time playing with it. We are also getting her a really cool gift, but she can't use it until she isn't pregnant we'll give it to her later. Instead we just gave her hugs and let her sleep as long as she wanted.

Daddy and me played and watched some TV. It was a really good day. Today I showed Mommy how I can drink out of my sippy cup all by myself. Grandma Donna told her I could, but she didn't believe it. She put the cup down in front of me and I picked it up by both handles and put the spout in my mouth! Then I looked at her like "see what I can do" and she clapped for me! I really liked it that she clapped so I kept doing it over and over. I didn't really drink much, but at least I am making progress!

Saturday, May 13, 2006

I went to Grandma Jan's today, but only for a few hours...didn't have to spend the night this time!!! Just my usual Saturday visit. Her and Grandpa Don took me to the mall! It was fun, we went on the merry-go-round and had pizza for dinner. I ate a whole big mall sized slice all by myself (except no crust), it was really yummy! Unfortunately they also took me to get my haircut which I didn't like at all. But at least now it isn't in my eyes anymore. Mommy better take me next time cause grandparents should only be for fun things...and haircuts are not fun!

Friday, May 12, 2006

Today everything was totally back to normal. Daddy had the day off so we hung out and played all morning. We even watched Signing Time together. Daddy is getting really good at all the signs and uses them all the time, me....I'm still not that interested! When Mommy got up we played a little too, I missed my Mommy! I took a really long nap (still recovering from all that Grandma love) and then we went out to dinner. It has been a while since just me, Mommy, and Daddy went out was so fun! We were waiting at the restraunt and Daddy thought he could just hold my hands and I would stand there, no way! I took off walking, it was such a neat place I just had to look around. I was so excited to be there that I couldn't even eat, I was too busy looking around and giggling the whole time. I did finally calm down and ate some bread and chicken, it was yummy.

After dinner we went to Target. I sat in the cart and we got me some new shoes! A pair of sandals for the summer. Mommy says sandals are really great cause you can wear them without socks, that way you don't have to worry about finding a matching pair! We love summer!!!

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Mommy is feeling all better and I am finally home! I had a great time playing with all my grandparents but there really is no place like home. Today I hung out at Grandma Jan's and it was a rainy day. That really sucked cause it meant me and Grandpa Don couldn't go on any walks. I love going on walks with Grandpa Don! So instead I just tore apart their house! Just cause I am not walking or talking doesn't mean I can't do just as much damage as a typical two year old. By the time Daddy came to pick me up tonight I was soooo tired. Mommy just wanted to cuddle and kiss me cause she missed me so much. Sorry Mom, I was too tired for all that, I just wanted to sleep in my crib. I did give her a couple cuddles first though, I promise to give her a bunch more tommorow!!!

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Quinn has been spending a lot of time at Grandma Jan's since Mommy got sick. Here he is in the sandbox they got him! Mommy is obviously feeling a little better, she will start updating more often soon!
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Quinn loves his new sandbox!
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Friday, May 05, 2006

Mommy and me just hung out today. Speech is over for a little while so we didn't have to go to that! After breakfast I crawled right over to my new chair and wanted Mommy to help me sit in it. She did and I had a great time sitting, reading books, and playing with my toys. I also played with my new ball popper and was trying to figure out how it worked. I kept putting my hands down the little hole where the balls come out but I couldn't figure it out.

I took a late nap and had a hard time falling asleep. But I did wake up after Daddy got home and we had a good time playing together. Tommorow is Saturday so I get to spend all morning with Daddy and the rest of the day with Grandma Jan and Grandpa Don, I can't wait!!!

Thursday, May 04, 2006

This morning we went to the Down Syndrome playgroup! It was pretty fun. There were only two other little kids there with Down Syndrome and they were both babies. I did play ball with one of them and I was very nice and gentle. Mommy says it is a good thing I am getting used to being around babies! Still, they were pretty boring! Luckily one of their big brother who is just a bit older than me was there too. He was cool! I liked watching him play and we even played a little bit together. He let me play with his toy truck so that was really neat.

Then this afternoon my PT came over. I did a good job. I didn't need Mommy as much as I usually do, I am getting used to the new PT. She keeps trying to get me to climb the stairs in a different way and that really makes me mad!!! It makes Mommy pretty mad too, cause she thinks I climb the stairs just perfectly the way I do it now! Oh well....

Grandma Donna stopped by after work and suprised us! She could only stay a few minutes but she brought me this really cool Spiderman chair. I really like it! Mommy posted some pics of me in it and a video of me having a good time in it. We wanted Grandma to see that I really do like it and I was just in a cranky mood when she was here!

Here is the video!
View this video montage created at One True Media
Quinn in his chair...
Quinn sitting in his new chair, a birthday present from Grandma Donna.
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I love my new chair!
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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

My speech teacher came over today. We worked on me handing her things when she asked me to. I did it with a block every time, but when she tried to get me to hand her the picture card I just threw it to the side. I was being funny cause I knew that she and Mommy really wanted me to hand her the picture card, but it was just too much fun to throw it instead! I still got my bubbles so I don't see the problem :)

Besides that I just played a bunch today, nothing too exciting. Mommy and me walked around a bit, my favorite place to walk is in the kitchen. Mommy says I am silly to want to walk in there cause the floor is so cold. But I know it is the only way Mommy will let me go in there (no crawling allowed in the kitchen) so I do what I have to!

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Today was so much fun! I didn't have any appointments so I got to play with Mommy all morning. We watched Signing Times, looked out the window, and played with balloons. After my nap Grandpa Don came over to get me and we went to the playground. That was so much fun! I swung on the swings, went on the slide, and had a great time watching the other kids playing. It was so nice of Grandpa to take time in the middle of the week so we could play together. Mommy says she is too pregnant to go to the playground, oh was more fun with Grandpa anyway!

When Daddy got home we played a bit and then he gave me a bath. Mommy says I was all stinky from being out in the hot weather. That is what fun smells like Mommy!!! Duh!
Quinn swinging at the playground.
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Monday, May 01, 2006

Wow, I can't believe I didn't update all weekend! Sorry!

On Saturday I went over to Grandma Jan's house. We played there a little and then went to Toys R' Us. She and Grandpa Don bought me a sandbox and a swingset!!! I can't wait to play in them this summer. Then we went to dinner at Applebees and I ate pizza, yum! It was a really fun time, I love going to visit them on Saturdays.

Sunday we mostly just hung out at home. Grandma Donna and Grandpop Bill stopped by on their way back from caving. They brought me this cool t-shirt with bats all over it that glows in the is really neat! I was cranky and kept spitting up while they were here so we didn't get to play much. Too bad.

Today my teacher came over. She played with me the whole time this time! I did a good job and did almost everything she asked me to. She did make me mad a couple of times cause she won't take any messing around and I like to do things my own way! But all together it was a good session. We played with this music/blocks toy and I really liked it. Then she blew bubbles and I tried to eat them like in speech therapy! It was cool.