Sunday, September 30, 2007

This afternoon we went over to Grandma Jan's house to visit with Uncle Scott, Aunt Stacey, and Cousin Zoe. It was pretty fun, even though Grandpa Don wasn't there most the time. I played football with Aunt Stacey. I cuddled with Grandma Jan, afterall Grandpa Don wasn't there :) We went outside and I swung on the swing and played in the sandbox. It was nice seeing Cousin Zoe, but I don't really get girls.

I had pizza for lunch and it was really yummy, I ate every bit of it! Then Grandpa Don got home and we walked around a bunch. Thanks for carrying me even though you had just rode a gazillion miles on your bike, Grandpa!

After we came home and had a nice long nap Mommy and Daddy got brave and took both me and Cooper to Red Robin for dinner. It wasn't pretty at first but I calmed down after I got some fries in me, I was just hungry! Then we went to Target to get some stuff, I really liked riding in the cart it is much more fun than a stroller. We bought me some black pants for my Wiggles costume. They were with all the girls clothes, but Mommy swears they are for boys!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Yes, it is true, I have Bronchitis. And Mommy thought it was just a cold! Don't worry though, I am on some serious medicine (seriously yucky) and I should be all better soon. I have to miss at lease one more day of school, but then I am going back cough or no cough! I miss school so much! Not that I don't love hanging out with Mommy and Cooper :)
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Leave me alone, I have Bronchitis!!
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Sunday, September 23, 2007

It has been a bad couple of days. I have been sick!! I have a bad cough and have been feeling really yucky. Plus, Mommy and G.G. keep feeling my forehead....what is that all about??

I pretty much have only wanted to watch TV since Thusday. I missed two days of school and while I am feeling better, I am not 100% yet. This sucks! Mommy says I am either going to school or the doctor tommorow. I vote school.

I even missed out on my Grandpa Don time! We didn't go over to Grandma Jan's today because I wasn't feeling up to it. We had a family dinner last night and I couldn't even enjoy it cause I didn't feel good. Ugh!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

I had a good day at school today. I came home sound asleep and covered with marker, a sure sign I had lots of fun. I got to do the weather today during circle time! I felt like such a big boy!

Tonight Grandma Donna came over. I wasn't feeling great but I was still really happy to see her. We played a little and then she put me to bed. I wish she could come over more often and stay longer!

Hopefully I will feel better tommorow so I can go to school, I seem to be getting a cough and something is up with my belly :(

Monday, September 17, 2007

Mommy went to school with me today! What a surprise!

It was a really fun day, I am so glad Mommy was there to see it. We had circle time and read a book about trains. I really liked when the teacher made the train sound so I started dancing. We also worked on a gluing project and I used the glue stick to stick cars onto a train. After that I had PT and we walked around the school. We tried to work on steps but there aren't any good ones at my school! We practiced walking and I took a couple of steps on my own, I was trying to get to the water fountain, I love playing in the water fountain!! When we got back to class we had a group PT session and I did really well walking on the balance beam and waving my flag.

Then my two favorite parts of the day, snack and playground! I ate my entire bag of cheese crackers and then had a good time playing in the sandbox. Then Mommy took me home cause I was soooo tired. It was nice having Mommy at school with me, it was a little distracting though....I kept going over to hug her :)

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Grandpa Don brought some corn on the cob over today to peel with the kids. Quinn signed "banana" and was seriously dissapointed when he found out it was just corn.
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Maybe if I cooperate we can go and have some fun?
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Cooper wasn't too sure about the whole corn thing.
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He decided to cuddle with Grandma Jan instead.
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Cooper say's "Nope, not gonna touch it!"
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While everyone was distracted by the corn, Portia went exploring.
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Friday, September 14, 2007

First, Mommy would like to apologize for not updating my blog. She has given up Diet Coke and it has been a rough week!

Today at school I was a real goofball. When Mommy read my note it said that I insisted on having snack at 9:45 (which is early), and because of me the rest of the class had an early snack too. Then I fell asleep at 10:15! I never fall asleep at school, but I realized I was going too so I wanted to make sure I didn't miss my snack! I was still asleep when I got home and I took a nice long nap. I woke up in a great mood though :)

Yesterday I didn't have school cause of the jewish holiday. Mommy took us to the mall and we watched the fish for a while. Then we ate lunch at the food court, I had Burger King and it was really yummy.

Tommorow is Saturday so I get to play with Daddy all morning and then go out with Grandma Jan and Grandpa Don, yay!

Monday, September 10, 2007

We just got back from our vacation to Ocean City, Maryland! It was soooo much fun! Here is a link to some pictures...

Ocean City 2007

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Today was my first full day back at school. It was excellent!! I was so excited to finally get to take the bus again. I had so much fun at school and was really good. When I got home I smelled all sweaty and had sand in my shoes, that is always a sign of a good day.

I am so happy to be back at school! I can't wait for tommorow!!!

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Today we went to the state fair. I have been there twice before, but only with Mommy and Daddy. This time we took Cooper and Great Grandma Berta with us and that made it even more fun! We saw lots of stinky animals....cows, pigs, sheep, and goats. And Mommy thinks my diapers are bad, they are nothing compared to what was coming out of some of those cows!!!

While we were walking around we ran into my old buddy Jackson from the Down Syndrome group, his mom said he is gonna have a little brother soon too. Poor Jackson, he doesn't have a clue. Cooper didn't bother me too much at the fair cause we both had our own stroller. We definately prefer it that way. We got our free balloons from ABC 2, which is always the best part of the fair. We ate lots of french fries, yum! Both Mommy and Grandma Berta tried to share their ice cream with me, but I didn't want any. That is unusual for me, it is probably cause I heard Mommy say that they made the ice cream right from the cows we had just seen, yuck!

I had such a good time that I laughed the whole car ride home. I was just in such a good mood!