Monday, April 30, 2007

I got to go to school today! WooHoo! I really love school.

All last week we were learning about pets. We learned about cats and fish, but no mention of dogs. Well, today we learned all about dogs as pets. So when I got home I decided to take a closer look at Portia. Usually I don't mess with her much but today I wouldn't leave her alone. I got growled at a lot today...a lot! Mommy isn't sure if it had anything to do with what I learned in school today, but maybe! The teacher also sent a note home with Mommy that said I sat in my chair better today, that must mean I didn't get up and roam around as much as usual, cause physically I have no problem sitting in a chair.

This morning before school Grandpa Don took me for a ride in my wagon! He showed me the sign for wagon, at first I thought he was just doing a goofy dance, but then I realized he was signing :) I love spending time in the moring with Grandpa before school. Then when he picked me up he fed me ravioli for lunch. It was yummy but I got totally covered with sauce! It was even in my eyebrows!

Sunday, April 29, 2007

It was a lazy Sunday! Me and Cooper hung out in our PJ's and played. It was lots of fun because we got to play with Grandma Donna all morning! Then when Grandpop Bill got home from his trip this afternoon I was so excited to see him!!! We wrestled and had a ticklefest. Then he told us all about his exciting weekend of caving and I listened intenetly to every word he said, Grandpop Bill is almost as good as the Wiggles when he gets going! :) I also practiced some walking a bunch today. I did pretty good. At one point I walked about five steps from Mommy towards Grandpop. They were stumbling steps but pretty good for me. I bet when I get my Sure Steps I will take off!

It was a fun weekend but I am so glad tommorow is Monday. I miss going to school!!!!

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Hey! My Bumbo Seat never did this!! No Fair!!!

It was just regular Saturday today! Grandpop Bill was away and Grandma Donna had to work, so we just hung out with Daddy all morning. It was still really fun, I miss hanging out with Daddy. I got to learn all about the Spartans, boy am I glad I am not one of them!

After my nap we went to Grandma Jan's house. I was still excited to be there, even though I have gone there after school everyday this week. It wasn't nice enough outside to go to the playground so we went out to dinner at Friendly's. I had grilled cheese and french fries, yum! I had tosted cheese on a pita for lunch today. It was a cheesy day, in fact it was so cheesy that I learned a new sign! Guess what it is??? "Cheese" of course!

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Today was a big day. This morning I went to school and it was lots of fun! I was in a really great mood and full of energy. The teacher even circled "Energetic" for my mood!

After school me, Mommy, Grandma Jan, and Cooper all drove to Virginia. It was a long ride, but I didn't mind. I danced to the radio the whole way! We had to go to Virginia so I could get fitted for some foot braces called Sure Steps. They are supposed to help me learn to walk, we'll see about that! I really liked the office. There was a little playroom and a TV that was showing Pochahontas. Me and Cooper kept fighting over who got to play with the Power Rangers...I think they need to update their toys :) When it was time for me to be measured I was really good. I barely squirmed and didn't fuss at all. It helped that they put on a Wiggles tape for me, but it was a Christmas one and I didn't know any of the I wasn't that into it.

We go back in two weeks to get my Sure Steps! They are gonna have dinosaurs on them and be really cool. Here is a link to a picture of what they will look like under my shoes..., they are barely even noticeable!
Here are some pictures from last weekend. Grandma Donna and Grandpop Bill took us to the playground!

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My favorite, the tunnel!

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Cooper wasn't quite as excited about it...

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Swinging on the swings.

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Yum, taste that Chesapeake Bay breeze!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Today was my second day of school, but I didn't go! It was also my last speech session with Miss Jennifer, so I went to that instead. It was a lot of fun but I missed going to school. Not to worry, there are still 3 more school days this week! The best part is that since we aren't moved into our new house yet, I get to spend extra time with Grandpa Don in the mornings cause he is going to bring me to school! Grandma Donna is going to drop me off with him on the way to work. I bet me and Grandma are going to have lots of fun on the ride there too. I have such a great life :)

Tonight I got to hang out with Daddy all night while everyone else worked on the house. It was really great spending some time with him since I haven't seen him much lately. I will be glad when everything settles down and gets back to normal!

Monday, April 23, 2007

Today was my first day of school and boy did I have a great time! I was such a good boy and I didn't cry or fuss at all.

We got there at 9 AM, I was still asleep this morning when Mommy had to wake me up! Mommy put me in my new umbrella stroller and rolled me up to the door to meet my teacher. All the other kids were already there (okay, it might have been 9:05 AM), and they were all holding onto this rope so they wouldn't get lost. Ms. Carol handed me the rope too, but I didn't want to hold it.

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Here I am going down the hallway with the rest of my class.

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Ms. Carol was really impressed that Mommy remembered to bring all my stuff, way to go Mommy! My bookbag is lime green, says "Quinn" on it, and had a binder, a folder and my snack inside.

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Here I am all ready for circle time!

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Today was group PT! We got to play with the parashute, as you can see I couldn't wait to go underneath. That lady I am sitting with is my new PT, I really like her.

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We all got turns bouncing on the ball, it was pretty fun.

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And I got to wave a big flag, that was cool!
There are no more pictures after that cause Mommy left and I stayed all alone at school like a big boy! I played with my new friends and really liked the blocks and books they have in the classroom. I ate my snack, Mommy packed me crackers and water. Then we went outside to play on the playground! That was really fun, I was a little unsure so I mostly just watched the other kids. Maybe next time I will play some more. It was a perfect first day of school! All my teachers are so nice. They took really good care of me and didn't even get mad when I had a poopy diaper! All the kids in my class are so nice, they all talk to me and play with me and that is so great! I am really going to like going to school!

Saturday, April 21, 2007

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Quinn was so excited to get even more presents! He knew just what to do with them too!

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Quinn refused to wear the cute party hat that his Grandma Jan bought him..Pooh ears to match his candle!

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Cooper didn't mind though!

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Neither did Cousin Zoe!

Friday, April 20, 2007

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Quinn eating his birthday banana!

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Quinn and his friend Maddie who was nice enough to share her birthday party with him!

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Maddie waiting patiently for her mom to light the candles (it never happened because of the wind).

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Hiding his face in the chair because it scares him a little when people sing "Happy Birthday".

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Ahhh, girl toys!

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Cooper says "I found a little boy toy!"

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Cooper living dangerously, I didn't realize when I took this picture that he was very close to being kicked in the face.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Wow, I think this is the longest I have ever gone without updating my blog!! Sorry guys! Mommy has been really busy trying to get our new house ready so she hasn't had the energy to help me update.

Tommorow is a pretty special day though, so she thought she better blog it! Tommorow is my third birthday! It is hard to believe that it was only 3 years ago that I was taken from my comfy womb and placed into the yucky one also known as the NICU. It seems like forever ago. I have come such a long way from lying in that incubator with a tube up my nose. On Monday I will be starting school, three is going to be a big year for me.

Mom, I promise I will do my best to walk this year...really! I am also gonna try really hard to learn that other really important word (besides "eat"), "Mama". It is going to be such an exciting year for both of us, I can't wait!!!

Thursday, April 05, 2007

This morning we went to physical therapy at Kennedy Krieger with Pat Winders. I hadn't been there in a long time and I forgot how much I hate it there! Pat is really nice, but she is always trying to get me to walk. I don't want to walk!!! I had a little emotional breakdown at the begining, but then I got over it. She had this new walker that was easier to steer and gave me less support and I walked up and down the hall with it. It was pretty nice, but we couldn't borrow it. Mommy is gonna check with the school to see if they have one I can borrow. She also had a ride on toy there today and I rode on it. Mommy sat me on it and I scooted around the room . Pat said that was great cause it was almost like walking. She also told Mommy to try again about the Sure Step foot braces. So she did and guess what?? The insurance is gonna approve them! I go on April 26th to get them fitted, it is all the way in Virginia! Grandma Jan, will you come with us, please???

This afternoon Lindalee came over, two PT's in one day! We didn't do too much, I showed her my walker (Pat gave me wheels for the back so now I can go backwards). Cooper kept trying to use my walker but he just isn't tall enough, besides, it's mine!! Grandma Donna came over for a little while tonight and we had a pretzel party! It was great, we had yummy soft pretzels, mmm.....

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Guess what I did today??!!! I went to school!!! And not just any school, my school! This morning me and Mommy went to my new school (Westowne Elementary) to meet my new teacher and see my new class. Turns out my teacher wasn't there because her mother died last night. How sad, I am gonna give her a big hug when I finally meet her. Even though Ms. Carol wasn't there we still went to class. Ms. Janine the assistant teacher was there and she was great! When we walked into class she knew exactly who I was. She said "Hi Quinn" and then she introduced me to the rest of the class. There were 10 kids there and they all said hi to me! It was so cool. Then we did our morning routine.

First we did weather, it was raining so one of the little boys went to the front and put a raindrop on the day, then we sang the weather song. Then we did the date, and sang the months of the year song. After that we did the alphabet, guess what song we sang :) Then we did numbers. I was number 4 and I went to the front of the room and put the number on the board when it was my turn. Then we did shapes, I got the rectangle and put it on the right place (with a little help from my teacher). I guess when I start full time we will do all those things every morning. All the kids get to take turns doing each part so I will be getting my turn too!

Then the teacher read us a book. It was a pretty good book, but I was distracted looking at everything around the room. There was an alphabet rug on the floor and I was sitting right in front of "M" for Moon. But it was a skinny moon and it was I started signing "banana" and saying eat. I guess I was a little confused. I was a little hungry too cause snack time was next. All the kids brought their own snacks but the teacher had some extra pretzels for me. While she was getting it I tried to steal some potato chips from the little boy sitting next to me. I thought it was funny, but Mommy didn't! Then I was watching the little girl sitting next to me and she finished her pudding and wiped her face with a napkin. So when she put it back down in front of me I picked it up and wiped my face! Mommy was proud of me for that one.

It was raining so we couldn't go outside to play. So the teacher set up a tunnel and trampoline. I was a little nervous about going through the tunnel with all those kids watching me, but I decided to do it anyway. Everyone cheered for me! After that we sang "Five Little Monkeys" and everyone got a chance to pull the velcro monkeys off the board. I tried but I couldn't get them off, so my teacher helped. Then it was time to go home, but I had so much fun I didn't even want to leave!! I think I am really going to like school.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

I went to speech this morning and it was really fun! Grandma Berta was there to push Cooper in the stroller so I got to use my walker to walk to class. I did a really good job! I ran into Mary (literally) in the parking lot, so we walked up together. She was really impressed with my walker. So when I got tired of walking I let her use it, not that she needs it she walks real good.

I had a good time playing with Ms. Jenn. Then we went to the motor room and I got to play with the parashute! I love the parashute but usually can't grab it cause everyone stands with it, not this time. I sat there and flapped it like crazy! It was really fun.

When we got home I got an Easter card from Grandma Jan. There was a frog on it and I really liked looking at it!

Monday, April 02, 2007

Today was a very sad day. I had my last sessions with both my OT and my teacher! From now on I will get all that stuff at school! I went out with a bang though, I did so good on the puzzels that I amazed everyone, even myself. I am really gonna miss Michelle, she has been my OT since I was just a little baby and now I will probably never see her again. I am sure I will see my teacher again soon, she promised to come visit me in my new house and when I am at school! Good thing I am too young to really understand what is happening, or else I would be really upset! Thursday will be my last PT session with Lindalee, that is gonna be really tough :(

Tonight Grandma Berta was feeding me dinner and I just couldn't stop laughing! I don't know what it was but something struck me as really really funny! Grandma Donna came over tonight too and she gave me a bath. We had such a good time playing in the tub!!