Friday, December 28, 2007

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Thursday, December 27, 2007

A walk in the woods....with Grandpop!

Today Grandpop Bill came over and took us for a walk in the woods. Actually it was on the old Trolley Trail, but that still counts. It was really fun! Me and Cooper especially liked playing on the gates that they have up so no cars can get through. At one point I was standing at the gate and nobody was paying much attention to me. I decided it was a good time to just let go and walk away! I was 10-15 feet down the path with not a thing to hold onto before Mommy and Grandpop noticed! Everyone was really excited!

After our adventure in the woods we went out to lunch at Burger King. Me and Cooper both got kids meals with nuggets and fries. I thought I would get all of Cooper's nuggets too since he never eats anything, but no...he ate all of his nuggets and some of mine! He kept reaching over and stealing mine. What a strange day, I walked and Cooper ate...must be opposite day or something!
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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Finally getting this whole "present" thing.
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Our awesome new play kitchen! It is nicer than Mommy's!
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Table for two?
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Friday, December 07, 2007

Snow Day! I didn't have to go to school today cause of the snow. It was only a 2 hour delay, but since I only go for 2.5 school for me! Instead I got to hang out with Grandma Berta for a while and then went to speech with Grandpa Don. I had a really good time hanging out with you Grandpa, thanks for taking me. Today was my last speech session this semester, I can't wait until it starts again!

Besides that nothing too interesting happened today. Just the usual :)

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

I had a good time at school today. It was snowing when I got on the bus in the morning and it didn't stop all day! I wasn't that interested in the snow though. All I wanted to do was crunch the leaves that had blown onto the sidewalk. I just walked around in circles and crunch, crunch, crunched. It was lots of fun. I guess there will only be snow to crunch tommorow.

The good news is Mommy has a doctors appointment tommorow so Grandpa Don is going to take me to speech! I am really happy about that. Not that I don't love hanging out with Mommy....

Today I brought home pinecone ornaments with glitter on them! I can't wait till we get a tree so we can hang them on it!
I got to skip school today so we could go to the mall and get our pictures taken. For some reason I got really upset when we got there and Mommy thought there was no way I was going to calm down enough to get a good picture. Then I saw this cool tree they use as a prop and playing with it really calmed me down. I ended up giving the camera lots of big smiles! I had tons of fun while Cooper was getting his picture taken. There were lots of cool props all over the place so I crawled around and explored. When Mommy finally turned around to check on me I was sitting there with fake snow all over my lap (hey, it made a good blanket), swinging a menorah all around (I am technically Jewish), and laughing my butt off (even I knew I was being a goofball)! My only regret about the mall trip was that I fell asleep in my stroller and missed out on McDonalds for lunch :(

Tonight Uncle Randy came over. I showed him how I can walk some now and he was really impressed. Thankfully one of Uncle Randy's favorite meals is Spaghetti and Meatballs! Thank you Uncle Randy, I love,love,love meatballs! It was a good dinner.

Hopefully I will have school tommorow, it is supposed to SNOW!

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Holiday Party: Down Syndrome Style!!

Today we went to the Down Syndrome group's holiday party. It was so much fun! There was lots of dancing, did you know I can do the chicken dance almost perfectly? Well, I can....who knew? Grandma Donna said I must have learned it at school, but come on...they don't teach the chicken dance at school! I saw all my old friends there and it was great. All their Mommies are pregnant, boy they don't know what they're in store for. I am sooooo glad my Mommy isn't pregnant again, that would suck.

We had yummy pizza for lunch and I got to walk all around the party and everyone said hello to me. I really liked the attention. I did a lot of good walking holding hands at the party, but I also did something that made Mommy mad. Something about that big gymnasium floor just made me want to commando crawl so bad. So I did, a lot. Mommy was so embarrassed, I haven't commando crawled in years!! Sorry Mom, I just couldn't resist!
Here is a video of Quinn doing his own version of the Macarena. He was doing pretty good until (as you will see) he was so rudely interupted!! Being Quinn he just got back up and started dancing again! You can't stop Quinn!

Cooper really enjoyed the party. He got a yummy sugar cookie and a bell!
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The boys had a nice meal of pizza and bbq potato chips.
Could it get any messier???
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Quinn dancing in the gym.
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