Wednesday, August 31, 2005

You won't believe what I did today! I cruised along the sofa, and without any help from Mommy! Mommy and Portia were laying on the sofa and I crawled over to them. Mommy reached over to help me stand up, but I still couldn't reach Portia. So I held onto the sofa and walked sideways over to Portia. I got her too! Mommy was very excited cause I have never done that before. Maybe I will even show Lindalee when she comes over tommorow. Apparently it is a big milestone.

Grandma Donna came over for a little bit after work today. It was fun seeing her, she wore my favorite necklace and let me play with it too! She tried to read me a book but I wasn't interested. I just want to crawl and play and get into everything, who has time for books?

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

I found a new favorite toy today! My Doggie toy that sings and plays with me when I poke it in the right places. I played with it all day long, I especially like the song he sings when you pull his ear. After lunch me and Mommy watched my signing video, I really like that video..but it is really distracting how Mommy always tries to move my hands in a certain way when we watch it. I just don't get it. At least I got to sit in my new chair instead of on the floor like I usually do.

I spent the rest of my day chasing my ball all around the house. I kept pushing it through the little opening between the two sofas and crawling after it. Mommy finally got fed up and pushed the sofas together so I couldn't get through. No problem, I just pushed the ball into the dining room!

Monday, August 29, 2005

My teacher came over today and we had lots of fun learning and playing! She brought me a new chair that is the perfect size for me, I really like to sit in it. She told Mommy that if I am sitting in a better position I might be more likely to sign and stuff like that. We are still working on getting the right height table to go with the chair. I am sure Mommy will post pictures of me in it soon.

We watched Oprah today and it was all about poop! Now I understand exactly what happens when I have a hard time going to the bathroom, YUCK! Thanks a lot Oprah!

I was so glad when Daddy came home today, I miss him when he is at work. He fed me dinner and we played all night until it was time for me to go to sleep. What a nice day!

Sunday, August 28, 2005

I had a really fun weekend! On Friday night I stayed at Grandma Donna's house and that was lots of fun. I crawled all around and tried to catch the cat, no luck. Then on Saturday Mommy and Daddy came to pick me up and the whole family came over for a birthday party. I ate pizza with was really yummy, and ice cream for dessert. I still don't like cake very much, it is the wrong texture for me.

Today I went over to Grandma Jan's house. I decided I didn't want to go swimming even though they had set up the pool for me. Grandma bought me a "See and Say" and I really liked that, it is cool. I went for a walk around the block with Grandpa Don, I love being outside. Tommorow my teacher is supposed to come, I can't wait to see her!

Friday, August 26, 2005

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Thursday, August 25, 2005

We tried the new straw cup that the OT brought today. I worked great! I am really good at sucking from it and keep a good seal on it with my lips. Mommy says that is great, now I just have to start swallowing my juice instead of spitting it out and laughing. What fun is that??

My PT came over today and that was fun. We climbed on the sofa and that was pretty cool. She said I was doing just great and to keep up the good work. She didn't work me too hard which is good, cause I didn't get much of a nap today. Tommorow we are going out with Grandma Jan to get my picture taken and to have lunch. It sounds like fun, I will let you know how it goes. Then tommorow night I get to stay over at Grandma Donna and Grandpop Bills house!!! Fun, fun, fun!

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

I had a good day today. Mommy seemed really set on me drinking something today so I drank lots of apple juice. Apple Juice is much yummier than milk or water, so I didn't mind too much. My OT came over and she must have been reading Mommy's mind cause she brought me a new kind of straw cup. We are going to try that one out tommorow. It was so nice of her to think of that though. She said I am doing really well. She was very impressed by how well I push all the buttons on my Leapfrog table. Mommy wanted me to show her how I can get on my hands and knees, but I wasn't in the mood.

When Daddy came home he fed me dinner and then gave me some of the good Cheerios. Those are so good cause they taste like apples and cinnamon...yum! I love it when Mommy or Daddy grabs the wrong bag!

Quinn swimming at Grandma Jan's house! Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Happy Birthday Uncle Ian!!!

Today was okay, my teacher never showed up and didn't even call which was very disappointting. We got up extra early to see her and I was really looking forward to showing her some of my new tricks. Oh well, at least my PT came over today. She was blown away when I showed her how I get on my hands and knees. She couldn't believe how much I had improved in a week! She said my form was excellent and that I would probably be crawling like that soon. I could tell by the look on her face that she was proud of me!

Besides that I was just my usual mischevious self today. I crawled into the dining room and started to play with the kitchen doors (my new favortie toys). Then Mommy made me come back into the living room so I crawled over to the front door and got into some stuff there. When is mommy just going to accept that I am unstoppable and baby-proof this place??

Monday, August 22, 2005

Mommy and me had lots of fun today. We cuddled and played. We worked on climbing a little but I wasn't that interested. She let me play with lots of mail, one of my favorite things! I really liked the free CD-ROM from AOL! Mommy tried to give me some spaghetti for lunch, it was specially made for toddlers. Well I am not toddling yet and I refused to eat that spaghetti! It was too much work, I got my baby food carrots instead...much better.

Nothing much exciting happened today. Tommorow both my teacher and my PT come over. I can't wait to show them how I can get on my hands and knees. Maybe Lindalee can show me how to crawl that way!

Sunday, August 21, 2005

It was family hang out day at the Banta house! I didn't mind a bit, I love hanging out with my family! I watched some boring History Channel shows with Daddy and then cuddled with Mommy in bed when she got up. Mommy, Portia, and me all played in my room for a while and that was really fun. Portia got one of her toys and was running in circles around my room...and I was chasing her! I am not quite fast enough to catch her yet, but I am getting closer.

While I was trying to climb up on my little desk today something interesting happened, I got into a sitting position all by myself! I suprised everyone including me, but it made it easier to play with the toys on my desk.

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Today was so much fun! We went over to Grandma Jan's house and I got to spend time with her and Grandpa Don. I showed them how fast I can crawl now and that I can get on my hands and knees anytime I want. They were very impressed! Grandma really thought I would have a tooth by the time she got back from California...but she was wrong! I got to go swimming and that was so much fun!

I also got my very first haircut. Mommy distracted my with cheese curls and Grandma gave me a little trim. I look better now, they got rid if that annoying curl that falls in front of my eyes and I don't have that silly rat-tail in back anymore. Now I am all ready to get my first proffesional pictures taken. Mommy said maybe this week!

Friday, August 19, 2005

We went to see Pat Winders today, it was lots of fun..but really wore me out! We worked on everything! I showed her how well I could get on my hands and knees, and how I rock when I am on them. Then she showed me how I can get into sitting easier from that position, not sure that I will ever want to do that but it is nice to know. Then we worked on climbing for a really long time, it was really hard work, but fun. I did really good, she was really impressed with me (as usual).

When we got home I took a little nap, but it wasn't long enough cause I was still really cranky. And even though I was tired and cranky I still crawled my way over to my little desk and tried to climb up on it! Daddy wasn't watching that close so I fell, but it didn't hurt much. I just wanted to prove that I was a good learner and had been paying attention!

Tommorow I get to see Grandma Jan and Grandpa Don! I am so excited cause I haven't seen them in a long time. They were in California for vacation, I am so glad they are back!

Thursday, August 18, 2005

I was really on the go today! I was crawling everywhere, and fast! Mommy had to chase me into the kitchen, the dining room, then back into the kitchen! I guess I wore her out so she put me in my excersaucer so she could take a break. I didn't mind though, I got to watch JoJo's Circus. When Daddy came home I tried the same trick with him, but he just put up this big gate that blocked me from leaving the living room. I am a pretty easy going kid, so I didn't mind (I thought the gate was fun to play with). Portia, however, got very upset! She barked and barked cause it meant she couldn't get into the dining room or kitchen. She is just going to have to get used to that though!

I had a very big and difficult poop tonight. It really sucked. Maybe it is time for Mommy to give me more bran. I pushed and pushed and it wore me out, so I fell asleep pretty soon after. Hopefully I will not have any more to report about on the poop front!! I thought we left those days behind us, oy!

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Grandma Donna came over after work today! What a fun suprise! I loved playing with her and she even stayed for dinner!

Mommy and me played for a while in my room today which we don't usually do. It was lots of fun, we listened to Milkshake and I played with all my upstairs toys. Mommy did have to redecorate a little cause I kept trying to play with the cable hookup. I almost crawled on my hands and knees tonight! It won't be long now. Mommy says she is so proud of me.

After dinner Daddy gave me an empty plastic cup to play with, it was so much fun. He is the best!

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

What a day! I was in a very cranky mood this morning cause Mommy woke me up early for Speech Therapy. The speech therapist could not believe how I acted, she said "Where is the sweet Quinn I know and love?" "Isn't he too young for the terrible two's?" Give me a break lady, I was sleepy and my gums hurt! I felt much better after a nap. Then I had a really interesting lunch, cheese and crackers. I feed myself the crackers, but it is so much easier to let Mommy feed me the cheese. I did do a couple of pieces myself though, I liked it, it was yummy Mozzarella cheese.

Then the OT came over and I was a little better behaved for her. She brought a cool toy catapillar that I really liked. We did some clapping and I grabbed for her shiny necklace every chance I got.

When Daddy got home we hung out and played. Then I went to bed cause I was really sleepy!

Monday, August 15, 2005

Today was a good day. Me and Mommy just hanging out, no therapists or anything. I am really starting to get on my hands and knees more and more. Today I even started to really rock while I was up there. But when I try and crawl my legs just collapse and I commando crawl, cause I know how to do that!

Mommy seems to be trying to get me to eat less cheese curls so she gave me some crackers today. They were pretty yummy, just not cheese curl yummy. I also had some cooked carrots and peas for lunch today. It was okay, I got a couple in my mouth but I wasn't that interested.

Tommorow I have Speech and OT which is a lot of work. That is okay though cause I don't have another appointment until Friday, and that is with Pat. I love Pat!!!

Sunday, August 14, 2005

When Daddy came in to get me this morning I was cuddling with my stuffed bunny rabbit, BoBo! He is so soft I just had to give him a good morning hug! We went to Target today and that was lots of fun. I like going shopping with Mommy and Daddy. We got a teether for me and a toy for Portia. Plus, the nice lady at the Pharmacy gave us a new syringe for my Zantac! No charge or anything!

I have been getting up on my hands and knees and rocking a whole lot today. I am not sure what I am supposed to do next, but I guess I will figure it out eventually.

Saturday, August 13, 2005

I had a great time at Grandma Donna's house today! There were lots of people there, Grandma Joan, Uncle Adam, Uncle Guy, Aunt Mindy, Aunt Sarah, Uncle Ian, Aunt Becky, Uncle that is a lot of Aunts and Uncles! I am one lucky kid to have such a great family. I really wanted to pull Uncle Adams beard, but I didn't get the chance. I did manage to pull Aunt Mindy's hair which was all cool and curly.

I crawled all over Grandma's house and tried to play with the fireplace and the stereo, but Mommy wouldn't let me. I ate cheese for the first time and it was really yummy. I hope Mommy starts giving me cheese more often. I did fall asleep before the Ice Cream was served so that kinda sucked.

Friday, August 12, 2005

My gums really hurt! This teething thing...if that is what it really! I was cranky all day but only off and on. Mommy and me played with my new flashcards, I really like them and I was pretty good at identifying the doggie. Then I got cranky so I got to watch Boobah, that show is the best.

Daddy came home early cause it is Friday and I got to play with him which was fun. But Mommy and Daddy finally gave me what I really wanted, cheese curls. I must have eaten half a bag, they really calm me down and make me feel better. Daddy pulled my highchair into the living room and we all watched TV together while I chewed on my curls! It was nice. Tommorow I get to go to Grandma Donna's and see lots of family that I never get to see, Fun!!!

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Today was lots of fun. My PT Lindalee came over and I crawled up the stairs! Well, I got a little help, but I did most of it myself and it was really fun. Note to some safety gates! Besides that I was very cranky today. I think I must definately be teething, the only thing that makes me happy is to eat cheese curls. They feel really good on my gums and are so yummy! I am also being a total drool-monster so there is another sign teeth are on the way.

Grandma Donna, I just wanted to say that I love my new puppy toy and you are the best for buying it for me! I get almost as excited about that toy as I do my fishbowl, and that is really excited!

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Boy, has it been a long time since I updated! I have been a very busy boy! On Monday me and Mommy drove Autumn home. I was so happy to see Aunt Leslie and her totally cool house. It wasn't very sunny so most of the rainbows were not showing...but she did have really cool Christmas lights hanging on the wall. I also got to meet Autumn's boyfriend Nick, I want to be cool like him when I grow up!!!

After that we went to Great Grandma Berta's house and spent two whole nights! It was so much fun. I love playing with Grandma Berta and her house has all kinds of fun things that I crawled around and tried to get into. I got to taste my first real Philadelphia Soft Pretzel. It was really yummy and felt so good on my sore teeth yet, but lots of drool! My favorite part of the trip was sharing a room with Mommy. I love to be able to wake up and look at her whenever I want. She wasn't as thrilled, apparently I am a noisy sleeper.

It was a fun trip but I am so glad to be home. I missed Daddy and Portia so much!

Saturday, August 06, 2005

We went over to Grandma Donna's house today and it was so much fun! I got to play with Grandma and Grandpop and all my toys at their house. There was lots of cuddling and kissing which is always fun. Then we had dinner and I got to eat biscuits, green beans, and rice. I even got to eat some Ice Cream for dessert, YUMMY!

After dinner we watched a really scary movie about Zombies, but I wasn't scared because Grandma was holding me. I fell asleep on the comfy blanket that Grandma always puts on the floor for me. It was a great day.

Tommorow we might go to the county fair, and on Monday we are going to go visit Great Grandma Berta! I can't wait, she is the best!

Friday, August 05, 2005

I got to go over to Grandma Jan's house today and it was so much fun! They filled up the baby pool even before I got there so it would be nice and warm when I was ready to go swimming. Me and Grandma Jan went to a fancy restraunt for lunch and met with her book club. I was a very good boy, I ate my cheese curls, fries, and bread and didn't cry at all! All of Grandma's friends loved me, but that is no suprise.

When we got back from lunch I went swimming which was really fun. Then I hung out with Grandpa Don for a while. Then I crawled over to the VCR and played with that cool little door. Grandma loves me so much she let me! I hope Mommy doesn't have to buy her a new VCR soon!

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Well, we didn't get to go to playgroup this morning cause Mommy didn't feel too good. Why do they always make playgroups so early in the morning??? I had a fun day anyway. We went to the mall and that was really cool. I was so excited that I was reaching out and waving to everyone. Then Mommy got some ice cream and shared it with me, it was soooo yummy....I really love ice cream.

Then Grandma Donna came over after work to drop some stuff off. I love it when I get to see her, even if it is only for a short time. Tommorow I am spending the whole day with Grandma Jan. She is going to take me to her book club meeting with her! Sounds like lots of fun!

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

I had a big day yesterday so I decided to sleep in this morning. After I woke up and ate I watched Trigger Happy TV with Autumn, I really like that show! My teacher came over today and it is always lots of fun when she comes over. She brought this cool doll that sings "Put on a happy face", I loved it! She also brought one of those cool windmill things and I loved watching it go round and round.

After she left Lindalee came over, she suprised Mommy, we were expecting the OT not the PT! Silly Mommy, she wrote her P so that it looked like an O! I was kinda tired but I showed off for Lindalee anyway. I was really worn out so after she left I ate and went to sleep. I have to get up early tommorow so we can go to playgroup!!!

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Today my Speech Therapist came over, and she had a big suprise...well two suprises! Fisrt she brought bubbles, which I really loved! Second, she is pregnant, which Mommy was very unhappy about! Mommy likes babies and all, but they mean maternity leave...which Mommy isn't happy about. Oh well, what are you going to do? This time the ST showed me cards instead of objects. That way I wasn't tempted to just grab the ball cause I love it. Each time she asked me to pick the card with the ball on it I did. Now all these grown ups finally really believe that I know that word, its about time! I knew cup pretty well too, I am one smart cookie!

I got to go over to Grandma Jan's as promised. It was lots of fun and I even went swimming in the kiddie pool they bought me. I had a really good time splashing around in the water, it was great! Pictures will be coming shortly. Tommorow I have my teacher and the OT, sounds like it is gonna be a long day!

Monday, August 01, 2005

Today was cool! We went shopping and when Mommy wasn't looking I grabbed a shirt and started chewing on it! She kept an eye on me after that... It was fun and a nice lady came up and tickled my feet. When we got home I took a short nap and then got to play with Autumn. She kept making this neat noise and it really cracked me up. I like having her here a lot. Tommorow my speech teacher comes over, and then I get to go see Grandma Jan. I miss her cause she was away this weekend. I also get to spend all day on Friday with her cause they don't allow strollers in the Aquarium...can you believe that???? Oh well, I guess I have to wait until I can walk to see the fishys!