Thursday, August 31, 2006

I am not really sure why Mommy scheduled my appointment with Pat right in the middle of my nap time, but it was a big mistake! I was tired and I pretty much fell apart. All I wanted was for Mommy to pick me up and cuddle me but she couldn't cause she was holding Cooper! Stupid Baby! I even tried to push him out of Mommy's arms but it didn't work. Finally, Pat took Cooper and Mommy held me and calmed me down. Then me and Pat got some good two handed walking in, and even a tiny bit of one handed walking. We went exploring all over the building and it was pretty fun, it distracted me from being tired and fussy.

After we got home Grandma Donna came over! I was so happy to see her, it has been too long! She fed me and we played. Then she shared her dinner with me! I love BBQ Chicken! Even though I was still tired I had a really fun night with Grandma, and tommorow I get to see her again when I spend the night at her and Grandpop Bill's house! I can't wait!

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

I was such a bad boy when Mommy tried to feed me lunch today!!! I kept grabbing the spoon out of her hand and getting food everywhere (except my mouth). Good thing she got me these new bibs that cover everything! It was her fault, she let me drink from my cup alone today and I was drunk off the power.

My speech teacher came over today. I was pretty good for her. When she showed me a picture of a dog and made a barking sound, I imitated her (kinda). If there is any sound I should be able to make it is a barking sound! I hear that all the time thanks to Portia. Tommorow we are going to go see Pat Winders. I haven't seen her in a while cause Mommy had the baby and all. I have a feeling she isn't going to be too impressed with my walking, oh well, wish me luck!

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

I was cranky all day today! My teacher came over and boy was I bad. She didn't put me in my special seat so I was all over the place. But, she is really pushy and made medo what she wanted. Even when I fake cried she wouldn't let up! That lady is tough! I finally gave in and read the book the way she wanted me to.

Guess what I did today! I signed "please"! After Mommy works out she always drinks from her water bottle and I always try to get a sip. Today she told me I had to say please and showed me the sign (rubbing your belly with your hand in a circular motion). After she showed me twice and I realized that is what I had to do to get water, I did it! Three times! I was thirsty. Daddy said I probably think that means water now. Mommy said it doesn't matter, it still counts!!!

Monday, August 28, 2006

I got a postcard in the mail today from Grandma Donna and Grandpop Bill, it was a picture of a volcano! Cool! They are finally back from their trip, I am so glad cause I get to see Grandma on Thursday and Grandpop on Saturday! Mommy put a really cool DVD on for me today. It was called Baby Babble and it was kinda like speech class. I haven't seen that video in a while and I really like it! Cooper liked it too. I also watched Flightplan today...that wasn't nearly as good. It was kinda scary and kept making me jump so I went and played instead. My favorite toy of the day is my little Snoopy doll. I had a great time making him walk all over the living room! I even carried him upstairs with me when it was time for bed! He was a cool surfer dude Snoopy, but I can't find his surfboard! So now he is just a cool dude Snoopy!

Sunday, August 27, 2006

I had a great time playing with Daddy today! Mommy pulled out my old Bumbo seat for Cooper and I got very excited. I remember all the time I used to spend sitting in that thing, it is so hard to believe that I ever couldn't sit...but it used to seem so hard! I grabbed the seat put it on the floor and tried to figure out how to sit in it, but I couldn't. I kept putting my legs in facing the wrong way, oh well, Mommy says I am way to big for it now anyway! I am even too big for my excersaucer now, Daddy put it downstairs today! :( They keep taking away my toys and giving my old ones to Cooper! Not fair!!! Mommy did buy me a new book yesterday though, I licked it. No, that wasn't a typo, I really licked was yummy! I liked it too though!

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Boy did I have fun today! This morning I pulled every single one of my books off the shelf and looked through them. It made a huge mess, but I had a great time! Then this afternoon we went to Grandma Jan's house. We watched a movie of my new cousin Zoe, she is cute, but looks nothing like the Zoe on Sesame Street. I played in the sandbox and drew pictures on the sidewalk with chalk! Of course Grandpa Don took me on a walk, it was a great day!

Friday, August 25, 2006

Me and Mommy worked on coloring some more today! Sometimes when she handed me the marker I would be holding it wrong and the color would be pointing up, but I figured out how to move it to my other hand so I could color. I can draw with both hands, yup, I am that talented. When I was done with my picture I pushed the paper off my desk. Mommy tried to put it back but my masterpiece was already complete! I refused to draw on the same paper but when Mommy gave me a new piece I happily colored on that. Only two years old and I am already a moody artist!

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Sometimes Blogger messes up and Mommy types up my whole blog and then it gets lost! That happened yesterday, sorry!

So yesterday both my ST and OT came over at the same time. I was a little shy about all the attention at first but I got over it. My OT is much more assertive than my ST so we did more OT than speech. We colored with markers which I usually hate! Yesterday I was really into it and I scribbled all over the paper and my desk and my face (they were washable markers). I even drew a straight line and made dots when the OT wanted me to. I did a great job and everyone was really impressed.

Today I didn't have therapy so we just played most of the day. I did get to watch Sesame Street, that is my new favortie show..well, tied with the Wiggles. It was a pretty fun day!

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

We had to go to the doctor for Cooper today. I felt kinda bad for the kid, they gave him a bunch of shots and he didn't look like he enjoyed it one bit! I had a pretty good time though! Everyone made a deal over how cute I usual. I got to play with some toys and read some books while we were waiting for Cooper. I was being mischevous though and kept throwing them on the floor and making Mommy get them for me. She couldn't resist getting them for me cause each time I threw something I would look at her and sign "more". That gets her everytime!

I took a really long nap today and when I woke up Daddy was home. I had a good time playing with him and then it was time for bed again. Tommorow I have Speech and OT together, that should be interesting cause I always talk for the OT and stack blocks for the Speech Teacher.

Monday, August 21, 2006

We just hung out today, I didn't have any appointments!! I had a great time tearing the living room apart. I managed to get my hands on Mommy's water bottle but she grabbed it from me before I could get a sip. Thats okay though cause she shared it with me tonight. I love drinking out of her water bottle, but I still spit out more than I swallow. I am just goofy that way!

Mommy tried to brush my teeth tonight. Is she nuts?? Why would I let her put that thing in my mouth and move it around? She said tommorow she is going to have to hold me down cause I have too many teeth not to brush them now:(

Sunday, August 20, 2006

It was another fun Sunday at home! I got to hang out with Daddy a bunch and play with Mommy a bunch too. I had a great time reading the books that Grandma Jan gave me yesterday. Me and Mommy practiced putting the baby to sleep in the Goodnight book. I caught on pretty quick. The other book where you put it up to your face and it is like a mask is so cool! I laughed so hard each time Mommy did it! I know those books were supposed to be for Cooper, but he needs to learn to share!

I am going to be quite the spelunker when I grow up! I got myself into a situation that Mommy thought I would never get out of today. But I managed to squeeze past my toy box, under the swing, and through the bottom of the problem!!

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Today was great! I played with Daddy all morning and it was lots of fun. Then I suprised both Mommy and Daddy by climbing onto the green sofa almost all on my own and then getting into a standing position at the window all alone. Gosh, I hope they don't get rid of the sofa like they did that black chair I climbed up on!!!

We went over to Grandma Jan's house today too. I got to play in the backyard and I wanted to go in the swimming pool even though it was empty. I was hoping that they would get a clue and fill it for me, but no! I did manage to convince Grandpa Don to give me a bath. They got me these really cool rubber duckies that light up! They were so neat!!! I had such a good time tonight, it was great!!

Thursday, August 17, 2006

When I woke up this morning there was poop everywhere! It was pretty gross! Mommy got me and put me right in the bathtub, Yay! I love baths! She had to change all my sheets and everything and I didn't get any poop powder this morning...didn't need it.

All I did today was play, nothing too exciting. Mommy was in the mood to watch a chick flick so she turned on "The Perfect Man". I think I am in love with Hillary Duff! I sat there and watched almost the whole movie. Hillary is so cute! Mommy says I shouldn't like blondes but I just can't help it.

Tommorw is Happy Friday and Daddy is going to be home all day. I can't wait to play with him!!!

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Today was fun. My speech teacher came over this morning. I did a good job but I wasn't my most cooperative. She told Mommy I was "fresh" whatever that means. Besides that I played a bunch. I threw my football at Cooper but he didn't catch it! I guess he isn't ready to play ball with me yet. When Daddy got home me and Mommy got a chance to work on the computer so that was cool. And they made me sit in my stroller even though we didn't go anywhere! I have been moved to the backseat, but I don't long as I am outside I will be happy!
Our new stroller configuration.
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Quinn sitting in the backseat.
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The look Cooper gives his Mommy when the stroller stops moving!
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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

I am sooooo sad! Today was the last day I got to see my cousins. Now I have to wait a whole year to play with them again. I am going to miss them all so much!!! The good news is that next year I will probably be walking and maybe even talking so I can play with them better. I had a fun last day with them, it was great having them visit.

Grandpop Bill came over today for a little while too. He and Emilia went on a duck boat ride today and they had these duck horns. It scared me a little when they honked them. I didn' t get to play with Grandpop too much cause we were both tired. He took a nap on the sofa with Cooper and I put my head down on the coffee table for a while.

Tonight I was being a real goofball and pushing my school chair around and walking behind it. I like using that even better than using my shopping cart...go figure!

Monday, August 14, 2006

When I woke up my cousins Aaron and Emilia were here!! Sammy was off having an adventure with Grandpop Bill, I can't wait until I am old enough to go on an adventure with him too! I was so happy to see my cousins, it is boring here with just Mommy to play with! Me and Emilia played under a blanket a bunch today. I would go up to her and grab her blanket and put it over my head...that was how I told her I wanted to play. I also showed them how I can sign "more", they hadn't seen me do it yet and they were very impressed. When Grandma Donna came to pick them up she stayed for a while and that was great!

Tommorow Aaron and Sam are coming over. My teacher is going to come over too. I can't wait to show her how much I have learned since she was here last time!!

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Today was a lazy Sunday and we just hung out around the house. We watched TV and played a bunch. Mommy tried to get me to stand in my crib without holding on or leaning on anything. I couldn't do it so I kept falling. It didn't hurt though cause my mattress is nice and soft. Me and Mommy just laughed everytime I fell! I guess we will just keep trying.

I ate a really good lunch today. I had a whole container of Spaghetti O's! I decided I like them again, go figure! Tommorow my cousins are going to come over, I can't wait!!!
Quinn eating Pizza at Grandma Jan's house.
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Messy Boy!
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Friday, August 11, 2006

We went for a walk today!!! Me, Mommy, Cooper and Portia all went for a nice long walk today. It was great! I love, love, love being outside. We went all around the neighborhood and Portia barked at every dog we saw, Mommy says she can't come next time. That is too bad cause everytime Portia ran in front of the stroller (the other reason she can't go on walks with us anymore), I grabbed her leash and held it like I was the one walking her! Mommy said it was really cute!

That walk really made my day! I hope it stays nice out so we can go on walks more often. When we got back from our walk there was a package waiting for us. It was from Mommy's old neighbors and it had lots of cool books in it! I know they were probably for Cooper, but I love books so much! I had a great time reading them today.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

I showed Mommy that I am one smart little boy today! We were doing our thing on the computer and after each letter Mommy asked me if I wanted to do more. Each time she asked I signed it!! A couple of times I even signed it before she asked!!!! Then while we were looking a the letter "P" she caught me whispering a "pppp" sound! She knows that wasn't a coincidence because I never make "pppp" sounds. I guess Mommy always knew I was smart, but I really impressed her today! I even figured out that the mouse is what makes the computer go, cause I kept trying to grab it from Mommy. She said that when I get a little older I will get my very own computer! We will have to see if I am a momma's boy (Windows) or a daddy's boy (Linux). I am guessing Windows cause Mommy kinda runs the show around here...but Daddy is kinda nuts about his computers so we will see!!!

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

I did so good during speech today!!! First we did the thing where I chose between the picture of the book and the bubbles. So I chose the book and pointed to it like I was supposed to. Well, my teacher gave me the wrong book so I threw it on the floor and pointed to the picture of the book again. She was confused until Mommy said "maybe he wants the other book!". Well, duh! She gave me the other book and I was very happy. So happy that when she took it away and asked if I wanted more, I signed "more"! As if that wasn't enough, at the end of the session I really blew them away. I grabbed the whole stack of picture cards and carefully looked through them all. I threw each one to the floor until I got to the one I wanted, the book! Then I put that on my desk and pointed to it! I wanted the other book this time and it didn't take them long to figure that out. So not only do I have my first word "bye-bye" (I also waved and said that to my speech teacher today), but I have a sign "more", and I can communicate using PECS (Picture Exchange Communication System)! And to think only last month I couldn't comunicate at all !!(at least not conventionally)

I rock!!!!

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

I had a good day today! Cooper was so fussy that me and Mommy didn't get a lot of computer time, but she made up for it by letting me watch Sesame Street. I love that show, Mommy says it has come a long way since she was a kid. Did you know she used to have to watch it in black and white?? Not because color tv wasn't invented, just because they were so poor! I am glad we aren't poor and that we have a color tv that is bigger than I am!

I did a really funny thing today! I stood up in front of the table that has the stereo on it and Daddy had left an empty can of soda on there. Before Mommy could stop me I grabbed the soda can and put it to my lips and tried to chug it just like Daddy does! Mommy took it away, but she was laughing pretty hard and told me I was too cute! She was pretty impressed with my imitating skills, but not impressed enough to let me drink Diet Coke!

Monday, August 07, 2006

Today was lots of fun! Cooper woke us all up early so we had lots of time to play and stuff. I rediscovered my driving toy and had a great time playing with the stacking cups Grandma Berta gave me. When Cooper took a nap me and Mommy went and worked on the computer. It was so much fun, we worked on learning sounds at this website: I loved it so much that when Mommy said we were all done I signed "more" without any prompting! Then when she said we really had to be all done I cried!! We worked on B, D, M, and P. P was my favorite cause it showed pepperoni pizza and everytime Mommy clicked on it another bite was eaten from the pizza. I also really liked the bouncing ball.

There isn't a black chair in the living room anymore :( That is probably because I took a dive headfirst off of it today. I am fine but Mommy was very scared, she says we have to be extra careful about my neck cause of my extra chromosome. So no more climbing on the black chair! Oh well, I will just have to find something else to climb on!!
Quinn having a great time in the pool at Grandma Jan's house.
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Yay! I love my swimming pool!
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I wonder when Cooper will be big enough to join me in the swimming pool?
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I climbed up into one of the big boy chairs at Grandma Jan's house and they gave me some cheesys to snack on !
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Sunday, August 06, 2006

I had the best weekend!!! On Saturday we all went to Grandma Donna's house and there was a big party for Cooper. It was great because almost my whole family was there. I got to see all my cousins (including AJ and Jeffrey), plus some of Mommy and Daddy's aunts, uncles, and cousins, and almost all of my grandparents! There was even a pretty little girl there who was my age, her name is Katie and she is my second cousin or something. Hey, you can legally marry your second cousin in Maryland and she was really cute!! I wanted to play with her but I was too shy. I was kinda cranky all day cause I missed my nap, but it was still really fun!

Today was fun too! This morning I played with Daddy and Cooper and then tonight we went to Grandma Jan's house. Grandpa Don and I took a bunch of long walks, I played in the sandbox, and I went swimming. Plus I got to eat pizza for dinner!! It was a perfect day!!!

Friday, August 04, 2006

I finally figured out how to climb up onto the black chair in the living room, now Mommy can't keep me off of it!! I love to climb up there and watch TV, usually I can get down safely myself but once I went head first.

Me and Mommy worked on signing "more" again today. We used the same Mickey Mouse toy and I signed it at least three times! I put up a pretty big fight, but when I realize Mommy isn't going to budge, I give in.

I had a really fun day and I got to play with Daddy a bunch. Tommorow we are going to a party for Cooper, I fully intend to steal all the attention!!

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Wow, we haven't had internet for two whole days and Mommy has been going nuts! Thankfully it is back up so Mommy can check her email again. And she can update my blog too, what a relief!! I have so much to tell you all!

On Wednesday I had a great day of therapy! My speech teacher came in the morning. She showed me the sheep and told me it said "ba, ba, ba" and I repeated the "ba" sound! Then she showed me the sheep again and told me it said "peep, peep, peep", I just looked at her like she was nuts cause that is what birds say! She was just confused cause her baby had kept her up all night though, it was funny. She showed me two pictures, one of a book and one of bubbles. I really wanted the book so I picked that one. I did it consistently and it was really good cause it proved I understood the picture was of the book and that I knew to choose it!!! She was very impressed and excited by my progress. Sometimes you gotta throw the dog a bone (I learned that on the Wiggles!).

Then my teacher came over and she had this totally awesome mickey mouse toy! When I pushed the button it played music and the screen moved. I really liked it, but the teacher kept making it stop and insisting I sign "more". I hate when she does that, but this time I actually signed it a few times! Everyone was really excited about that!!! She left the toy with Mommy and we have been practicing.

Today was really boring. There were no cousins here and I didn't have any therapy. The only kid to play with was Cooper and Mommy kept saying her "gentle, gentle" annoying!