Monday, July 31, 2006

Today was a great day! I woke up and got to play with all my cousins. I had a really great time and then lunch got here. Since our groceries hadn't been delivered yet Mommy ordered pizza for the kids to eat. Once I saw those boxes I knew exactly what was in them and got all excited. I love pizza so much! I ate at least a whole big piece all by myself (even though I got up late and had just had breakfast)! Mommy was really impressed that I knew pizza came in boxes and that I remembered how much I like pizza. Of course I knew that! Pizza is the greatest food ever invented!

Sunday, July 30, 2006

What a fun day! I got to go to Grandma Jan's house and I had a great time there. Cooper stayed too so that meant I didn't get to spend as much time with Grandma, but that's okay...Grandpa Don more than made up for that! We went on a couple of long walks and played in the backyard, it was great. And I did manage to get a few snuggles in with Grandma too. Plus they brought me back a really cool t-shirt and a book from their vacation! I am so lucky that I get to hang out with all my grandparents so often.

Tommorow I get to spend the day with my cousins again, I can't wait!!!

Saturday, July 29, 2006

I usually spend Saturdays with Grandma Jan, but today I got to spend the whole day with Mommy and Daddy! We went out to dinner and brought Cooper with us too. It was our first time all going out as a family. We went to Don Pablos and it was so much fun! Me and Cooper were both really good. I was so excited that I couldn't even eat, there was a table behind me with lots of kids and I had a great time watching them. After dinner we went to Target and I got to ride in the cart like I love to do! Cooper is still too little so he still has to sit in the stroller. I had a great time at Target, I love looking at all the stuff and watching all the people!

Friday, July 28, 2006

I had such a fun day today! I didn't have any therapy at all so I got to hang out and play with my cousins all day long! Kids are so much more fun to have around than grown ups. I can't wait until Cooper gets old enough to be a kid so I can have one around all the time. Right now he is still pretty boring and everytime I go to touch him someone says "gentle, gentle".....what a pain! I did manage to poke him today but I was really only pointing to the cool picture of a sun that was on his outfit.

Tommorow is Saturday and I get to spend all day with Daddy, Mommy, and Cooper!

Thursday, July 27, 2006

I had a big surprise this morning! My cousin Emilia came in my room, woke me up, and took me out of my crib to play. She did that even though Grandma Donna told her not to, she must really love me! When Mommy realized what she did she gave her a serious talking to...she told Emilia that she wasn't allowed to take me out of my crib unless she was willing to deal with what was in my diaper!!! I don't think Emilia will be taking me out of my crib anymore!

I had a fun day hanging out with my cousins. We had a great time playing together as usual. My OT came over and brought a cool new toy. It was Mr. Potato Head and I gave him 4 arms! I only liked the arms, none of the other pieces interested me at all. After OT Grandma Jan came over for a while. She fed me lunch and put me down for my nap, we got to play a little after I woke up. It was a great day!

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

I had a great time at speech class today! I played with a toy plane and worked on the computer. The best part was when we went to the motor room though. I swung on the swing, crawled through a tunnel, and slid down the slid on my belly all by myself! Today was my last session with this therapist, the next semester starts in September. They all said how great I was doing and how far I have come since I started there, so I guess I got an A+!!

When we got home from speech my cousins were here!!! I was really happy to see them but they didn't stay long. Thats okay though cause they are coming back tommorow!! I can't wait to play with them some more!

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Yay! Mommy can pick me up again! I am so glad, I missed crawling up to her and having her lean down and scoop me up. Now we can cuddle whenever we want! The bad news is that now there is no excuse for any of the grandmothers to hang around all day :( Pretty soon it is gonna be just me, Mommy, Portia, and Cooper!

Today my teacher was supposed to come over, but there was a mix up. She is coming over next week instead. Then we all went to the doctor with Mommy. I really love the waiting room there. I stayed there with Grandma Donna while Mommy went back to see the doctor. Boy did I make Grandma work! I just wanted to get into everything, including perfect stranger's shoes!!

Before Grandma Donna left she made me a really yummy grilled cheese sandwich for dinner. I ate almost the whole thing, it was great! The only problem with a grilled cheese sandwich is you can't spit it. I love spitting food at Grandma!

Monday, July 24, 2006

I have something I want to say to everyone! "BYE-BYE" !!! It is my very first word and the only one I can say so far. Yup, I have my first word and it is very exciting. Today as Grandma Donna was getting ready to leave I looked at her, waved, and said "bye-bye" clear as day! I had three witnesses and one of them was Mommy so it definately counts. Grandma Jan said she heard me say it three weeks ago, but Mommy didn't believe her! I haven't said it since then, but I pulled it out in front of everyone today! I will probably make them wait another month until I say it again, but you never know.

We went to Ikea today! It was lots of fun. I liked looking at all of the furniture and stuff. We stopped at the cafe and I sat in an uncomfortable Swedish high chair while Mommy and Grandma Donna ate Swedish meatballs. I tried them but thought they were yucky! I love Ikea but Cooper wasn't thrilled with it. The kid cried the whole time, he almost ruined my cheap Swedish furniture buzz!

Sunday, July 23, 2006

We didn't do anything exciting today. We all just hung around the house in our PJs, but it was fun. Daddy and me played and watched Signing Time and The Wiggles. Ever since Cooper came along I get to watch more TV, thanks Coop!

I finally noticed my refection was different since I got my hair cut. I looked in the mirror grabbed my hair and then did my "Home Alone" face. Mommy thought it was pretty funny, but I didn't realize they cut so much of my hair off! If you don't know what face I am talking about rent the movie!! Mommy says I am much cuter than Macauly Culkin.

Tommorow Grandma Donna is coming over and we are going to Ikea! I can't wait!

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Here is a picture of Quinn right before his haircut.
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Here is a picture of Quinn's new haircut.
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Being goofy as usual!
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We had visitors today! Uncle Ian and Aunt Sarah came over to see me! Well, they did pay some attention to Cooper too...but I am sure they came over to see me. They really liked my new haircut and were impressed with all of my toys. Uncle Ian spent most of his time with the baby, but me and Aunt Sarah bonded. I crawled up into her lap and we cuddled. It was great! I didn't put my hand down her shirt cause Mommy says that isn't a good thing to do. She never mentioned putting my hand up peoples shorts though! I really liked Uncle Ian's hairy legs!

Nothing else much happened today. I went to bed early cause I missed my nap....I was one sleepy boy!

Friday, July 21, 2006

Me and Daddy both got haircuts today! We went to the mall and I got my hair cut at the little kid place and Daddy got his cut at the big kid place. My place had T.V.! I was such a good boy during my haircut. I sat almost completely still and didn't cry at all!!! Mommy was so proud of me. My hair is really short now, so hopefully we won't have to go back for a while.

After we got haircuts we had lunch in the food court. I ate nuggets and fries and they were really yummy as usual. I had a good time putting the fries back in thier bag, everytime I did it I clapped for myself and said "yay"!

I love my new stroller! It was the first time I really rode in it and it was great! I like being up higher so I can see everything really good. It also makes it easier to pull stuff off racks! Plus, Cooper likes it too so he slept the whole time...I had Mommy and Daddy's undivided attention!

Thursday, July 20, 2006

I ate almost a whole banana at lunch! I showed off for Mommy and ate it like a monkey, Grandma Donna held it and I took big bites off the top. Mommy said I looked like such a big boy eating that way that she wanted to cry! Nothing to cry about, it was just a really yummy banana! Thank goodness for my poop powder or I wouldn't even be allowed to eat bananas!

We had a nice quiet day with Grandma and no cousins. It was great! We played and cuddled and read. Cooper was a good boy and didn't get in the way too much. My PT came over even though we weren't really expecting her. It wasn't too bad a session, but Mommy says it will probably be my last with her. We are getting Lindalee back soon!!!! Yay!

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Wednesday is speech day around here. I have speech in the morning and speech in the afternoon, why in the world did Mommy schedule it like that??? Oh well, I did good both times and had lots of fun. This morning I showed my speech teacher Heather how I know to wave bye-bye when someone gets ready to leave. She was really impressed that I understood to do that, I guess that shows good recepetive skills. After my nap me, Grandma Donna, and Cousin Sam all went to my Loyola speech therapist. I did pretty good there too. They sent home a report for mommy and it said I had good "protesting" skills....duh! My protesting skills are excellent, I am two years old you know!

Besides that I had a great day with my cousins! They are so much fun to play with. I love playing ball with Aaron, playing peek-a-boo with Sam, and cuddling with Emilia! Although I have to say that I wish Emilia would put her hair back, she is always leaning over me and her hair tickles my face!!! I love her anyway though, she is the best!!! I am so lucky to have such great cousins!

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Quinn and Cooper "playing" together, Quinn decided it was safer to "touch" Cooper with his feet. He was actually pretty gentle!
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Quinn shaking the playmat, he misses his old baby toys!
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Cooper looking up in awe at his big brother.
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Monday, July 17, 2006

I had such a fun time today! We left Mommy and Cooper at home and all went to Port Discovery. It is this really cool place with lots of fun rooms and a big play place in the middle! I am not big enough for most of the stuff yet (I really need to learn to walk!) but I still had a really good time. We had to leave early cause Emilia wasn't feeling good, but it was still fun. And we got to eat lunch at McDonalds! Grandma Donna was really impressed with my nugget eating skills!

Tommorow my teacher is coming over. I haven't seen her in more than a month! I can't wait to show off all my new tricks, and of course, my new brother too!
Quinn playing with blocks at Port Discovery.
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Cousin Aaron showing Quinn the goldfish at Port Discovery.
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Sunday, July 16, 2006

Mommy and me worked on puzzles today and it was so much fun!!! We started with my puzzle that has three pieces.....a circle, a square, and a triangle. Mommy took out all of the pieces and I put them back. The tricky part is getting them all back in the right place, but I did it!!! That triangle is really hard to get sometimes, but I did. I had so much fun and Mommy was so impressed. We both clapped so much our hands hurt! So after doing that puzzle like 100 times we got out my sorting puzzle that I got from Uncle Ian for my birthday. I tried to play with it when I got it, but it was too hard. Today I was an expert at taking off the pieces and putting them back on their rods. I even got the right colors in the right places with a little help from Mommy! Mommy says she wishes my OT had been here to see it....I probably won't give her a repeat performance, I'm funny that way.

Besides that I played with Daddy most of the day. It was a really fun relaxing Sunday!

Saturday, July 15, 2006

I had such a good time with Grandma Jan yesterday! We went to a party at one of her friends houses and there were lots of kids there. I even got to go swimming, in a real pool!! I liked it okay, but it made me nervous when all the other kids splashed too close to me. When I get a little bigger I am gonna learn to swim really good, I can even swim in the olympics someday if I want! Daddy will have to teach me though, cause Mommy can't swim.

When I got home from the party I saw that Daddy was home!!! I was so happy to see him, a week is way too long for him to be gone....I missed him soooooo much! Today I got to spend all day with him and that was the best!

Friday, July 14, 2006

Just a blast from the past as requested by Great Grandma Berta! This picture was taken almost a year ago.....Quinn is so much bigger now!
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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Grandma Jan was here when I woke up, just like Mommy said she would be! She hung out with me, Mommy, and Cooper all day; it was great! We played and watched TV. Today was my lucky day cause my PT was supposed to come over, but she cancelled!!! Yay! So I didn't have to do any therapy at all today.

After my nap me and Grandma went back to her house and I am spending the night there. Tommorow I am going to a party with Grandma and then coming home. I am pretty excited cause when I get home Daddy will be there!!! I missed him so much while he was away!!!

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

It was another fun day with my cousins! It is so exciting having them here, I can't wait until they come back next week!

Today I had to go to speech therapy at Loyola. Cousin Emilia came with me and Grandma Donna, it was a fun session. I got to go to the gross motor room and slid down the slide lots. I also got to play with the computer which I love. I didn't say much, but I never do...

Tonight the cousins got picked up by Uncle Ben. They were trying to hide from him before he got here, but you really can't hide from a curious two year old! I found Emilia hiding behind my playmat, Sam was under a blanket, and Aaron was under a bunch of pillows on the sofa. I am pretty good at playing hide and seek!!!

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Today was awesome!!! When I woke up this morning all my cousins were still here and I knew it was going to be a great day. We played all day! Emilia built me a fort and I got to watch Aaron and Sam play video games. Video games are so cool, I can't wait until I am big enough to play them. Then this afternoon we all went to the playground. I had the best time swinging! I swear it was the funnest day ever!!!

I had both Grandma Donna and Cousin Emilia taking care of me today. Emilia helped feed me dinner and I spit my food at her just like I do at adults. She told me "no" and she was a lot firmer about it than any of my grandparents ever are. She is gonna make a really good mommy some day! Then after dinner we all watched the Simpsons until it was time to go to bed. I had such a fun day I didn't want it to end so I cried when Grandma took me upstairs!!!

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Yesterday was so much fun!!! Grandma Jan and Grandpa Don took me to the mall. We rode on the merry-go-round and had McDonalds for dinner. I ate all my nuggets and frys, it was great!

Today I hung out with Mommy and Daddy all day....Cooper was there too but he isn't much fun yet. We all watched the Wiggles and played with my toys. I fed Mommy some of my Cheerios and I just thought that was the funniest thing ever! I am glad Mommy isn't pregnant anymore so she can have all the carbs she wants.

I have mixed feelings about tommorow. I am happy cause Grandma Donna is coming over, but really sad cause Daddy is going to Vegas for the whole week! If it weren't for Cooper me and Mommy could have gone with Daddy on his business trip. Mommy says I would love Las Vegas cause everything lights up and makes sounds....just like my toys! Oh well, I am really gonna miss Daddy!

The best part about tommorow is that my cousins from Washington state are going to be here! I haven't seen them since last year! It is always so much fun when they come over, I love playing with big kids!!!

Friday, July 07, 2006

I still haven't said Bye Bye for Mommy. I did wave hello and goodbye to her a bunch today though, so that is pretty impressive on its own. I did a silly thing today when Daddy was feeding Cooper. I was watching them pretty closely and when Daddy stopped and started patting Cooper on the back to burp him I thought that was pretty neat. I wanted to make that same sound so I started patting the Boppy with my hand. The Boppy didn't burp, Cooper sure did though!!!

I had a fun day with Mommy and Daddy. We watched some TV and hung out and played. I can tell Mommy is feeling better cause she even got on the floor to play with me a little! It was a great day.

Tommorow I get to go to Grandma Jan's house, Saturdays are the best!!
Check out my cool new stroller!!! It is a Phil & Teds E3 from "down under" and there are two seats, one for me and one for Cooper! Thanks for the awesome stoller Grandma Donna, Grandpop Bill, and Great Grandma Berta!!!!
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I really like sitting up high like this, and it is such a comfy seat!
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Cooper has his own spot in the stroller, right beneath me!!!
Cooper sleeping soundly in his part of the stroller.
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Thursday, July 06, 2006

I had a great time at Grandma Jan's last night! Grandpa Don took me on a long walk and that was great. I wish it had been even longer though, I could walk with Grandpa forever! This morning Grandma Jan brought me home and I had OT. It was fun, we played with magnets. I was feeling a little mischevous, but what else is new? All my therapist are getting pretty good at retrieving the things I throw across the room.

My PT came over today too. I hate PT, it is my least favorite therapy. My new PT makes me cry sometimes cause she makes me move in ways I don't want to. Oh well, at least she sings to me while she does it! Today I showed her how I like to walk in the kitchen. As I walked by the refrigerator I let go of one of her hands and grabbed my farm magnet thingee! She let me take it into the living room and I spent the rest of the night making a pig-sheep!

I am so excited cause Daddy gets to stay home tommorow! Me and him are gonna play together all day!!!

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

My speech teacher came over this morning. She sang Old MacDonald to me and I sang it back to her! I didn't use words of course, but from the looks on everyones faces it must have been pretty cute!

Later this afternoon Grandma Jan took me to my other speech therapist at Loyola. When it was time to go I looked at Mommy and waved bye. Then when it was time to leave Loyola I looked at my speech therapist waved bye and said "Bye Bye"! At least that is what Grandma Jan and the speech therapist heard...Mommy is a little skeptical. She says she will believe it if I do it again...if I do it again I will officially have my first word. Don't get your hopes up though, as much as we love Grandma Jan...she has been known to "hear" me say things before :)

I am spending the night at Grandma Jan's so I can hang out with Grandpa Don more. I will let you know about the fun things we did tommorow!

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

I had such a good time staying at Grandma Jan's house! Grandpa Don got out the little swimming pool for me and I just had the best time playing in it! I liked it so much I cried when it was time to get out!!!

On Monday we went over to pick up Mommy and Cooper and took them to the doctor. I played in the waiting room and flirted with all the women. One of the nurses came out to the waiting room just to see me. They really love me there! I like going to that doctor cause they have the best toys!

Today was the Fourth of July so Daddy had the day off! We all just hung out at home cause Mommy isn't all better yet, and Cooper is too little. Maybe next year we can all go see the fireworks!!

Saturday, July 01, 2006

I spent the night at Grandma Donna's house and this morning we went to the neighborhood playground! I had so much fun!!!
Quinn had a great time crawling through the tunnel.
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Peaking through one of the holes in the tunnel.
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Having a great time at the playground.
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Quinn having a great time swinging!
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Playing outside in the grass.
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Quinn playing with his new sandals.
Here is a video of Quinn bouncing on the sofa with Grandma Donna. Bouncing is Quinn's new "thing".
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