Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Guess What!?? I can clap!!! Today Mommy and me were singing the Itsy Bitsy Spider song and I really liked it when she helped me do the hand motions. So when we were done singing Mommy clapped my hands together and told me I should do it. So I did! First I held one hand still and clapped my other hand against it. Then I started getting into it and clapping both of my hands together, the way you are supposed to do it!! Now, I am no expert and I still need Mommy to remind me how to do it sometimes. But I could never even come close to clapping before, so this is a big deal! Plus I think it is really fun to clap so maybe I will start doing it more often.

Besides that excitement we had a pretty normal day. Tommorow my old speech teacher is coming back, she was gone a while cause she was having a baby. Maybe I will impress her by showing her my new clapping skills!

Monday, February 27, 2006

Mommy wasn't feeling well this morning, so we missed playgroup. It wasn't a big deal cause even more exciting, Grandma Donna came over! She had the day off from work so she decided to spend the whole day with me and Mommy. She fed me dinner and lunch and we played all day. Her and Mommy worked on the house some too, but I know she really came over just to see me. It was a really fun day. I wish she could come over and play everyday, but Mommy says she has to work and take care of Grandpop Bill.

Tommorow we have the day off so Mommy and me are just gonna hang out. Sounds like fun to me!!

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Today we went to Target and bought me some new shoes. Mommy thinks they might help me walk a little better, but I don't know. They are kinda heavy and slow me down, but I guess they are okay. I had lots of fun at Target. I got to ride in the cart and that was really cool!

When we got home Grandma Donna and Grandpop Bill came over for dinner. It was lots of fun. I had a great time playing with both of them! Grandma is gonna come over again tommorow cause she has the day off, I can't wait!

Want to watch a video of me playing in my new shoes? Just click below!
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Quinn's New Shoes

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Today was my Daddy's birthday. We didn't do too much to celebrate but we did give him a gift. It was a cool Simpsons DVD and I am sure I will get a chance to watch it with him over and over. I went over to Grandma Jan's so Mommy and Daddy could go have a birthday dinner out. I had fun over there. I really like playing in her dining room so I did that a bunch. Also walked around with Grandpa Don. It was tons of fun and I was glad I felt all better so I could really enjoy myself.

Friday, February 24, 2006

Today was a very busy day! First we went to my speech therapist. Mommy wasn't sure how I would do cause I have been sick and cranky. She didn't need to worry, I did great!!! I didn't even need her in the room this time and she left halfway through. I am a big boy now, plus I really am getting used to my therapist Shannon, and I really like her too. She reminds me of my cousin Jane...and not just because she has stuff pierced either! I let her put the vibrating things on my cheeks and even in my mouth. We read books and drumed on the drum. She tried to get me to pop bubbles with my lips, but I prefer to pop them with my hands. I got to play a bunch in the motor room too. I swung on the swing and played with a soccer ball. I did not really like the ball pit...too bouncy for me.

After that we went to Mommy's doctor appointment. That doctor was really nice! She gave me a stuffed animal to play with and even take home. Mommy said she was jealous cause all she gave Mommy were needles! Ouch! It was a fun visit for me though, I really liked the way that lady's pants felt to I kept reaching out a rubbing her leg. She didn't mind a bit, probably cause I am soooo cute! I went right to sleep when we got home, it was a long day and I didn't get a nap; plus I am still a little sick from my cold.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

I really slept a lot today! That is okay cause it is how I make myself all better. When I woke up today at 2:30 in the afternoon I felt great! I was all smiles and just a little snotty. I did have a couple of pimples on my face though. Mommy said I looked like a teenager! They are probably just there cause my face gets all wet while I am sleeping, you know...cause of the snot.

I did a good job at PT today. I walked some using my walker and climbed up onto the sofa with just a little help from Lindalee. But when it was time to climb the stair my endurance was down cause I only went about halfway up and had to have a little help even with that. I did manage to wiggle my way back down pretty well though!

Then later tonight I got real cranky again and Mommy found out the other reason I have been in such a bad mood. I am finally getting another tooth!!! Not where you would expect, it is on top again and off to the side a bit. Mommy says this one seems extra sharp so maybe that is why it is hurting me more. It is just peaking through but I hope it comes all the way in really soon...this thing hurts!!!

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Today I slept, and slept, and slept! I slept until noon, then I got up to eat and play for an hour or so....then I went back to sleep until 5 :30!!! But I feel much better now. My nose is running less and that stuff Mommy had been rubbing on my face made my nose and cheeks feel much better.

My OT was supposed to come over today but her little girl was sick so she cancelled. Good thing, since I was asleep when she was supposed to be here. At least I got to play with Daddy a little tonight. Besides that it was a pretty boring day. I hope tommorow is better!

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Well, I am still sick....this sucks! I was so miserable when I woke up that Mommy called and canceled my speech teacher. So at least I had the day off so I could rest. That speech teacher always wants to touch my face anyway, and my face is so sore and chapped that would have been horrible! Mommy bought some special cream that is supposed to help, we will see if it feels better tommorow.

I was cranky all day and didn't want to eat anything but cheerios and teddy grahms. I did have some Jello for lunch...that felt pretty good on my throat. And now we know there are two things Portia won't eat, celery and jello. She is silly, jello is yummy! I also ate some of Mommy's peas at dinner, they were pretty good. Besides cuddling with Daddy and watching the Simpsons today was no fun. I really hope I feel better tommorow!

Monday, February 20, 2006

I am one sick and miserable little boy!!!! I can't believe I still have this stupid cold. It is really starting to make me mad. You know what really makes me mad? It is when someone tries to wipe my poor red chapped nose!!! Please, just let the stuff run down my face, anything is better than the pain of having my nose wiped for the millionth time.

Today was President's Day and Daddy stayed home and Grandma Donna came over. I was too sick to even appreciate it, oh well. I still got to have a little fun with Grandma. Yesterday I went to Grandma Jan's and even though I was sick it was okay cause Grandpa Don just walked me all around their house.

On Saturday we had a party at Grandma Donna's house to celebrate Daddy and Jeffery's birthdays. It was fun seeing everyone, but I slept most of the time. I just didn't feel good at all.

This would have been a really fun weekend if I hadn't been sick!!!!!

Friday, February 17, 2006

I'm sick! I am all cranky and tired, plus there is all this yucky gunk coming out of my nose! I don't like being sick so I hope I am all better when I wake up tomorrow.

Even though I didn't feel great I did go to my Speech therapist this morning. I did really well and was extra cooperative. I also barely even looked at Mommy so maybe soon she can leave me alone with my therapist without me getting upset. I also got to play in the motor room and swung on the swing and went down the slide a bunch of times. It was a really good session.

tomorrow we are supposed to go to Grandma Donna's house to celebrate Daddy and Jeffrey's birthdays. I really hope I feel better so I can enjoy myself and also eat lots of cake and ice cream!

Thursday, February 16, 2006

We went to see Pat Winders this morning. I really like Pat, but I don't like going to see her anymore cause I know she is going to try to make me walk!! This session was a little better than usual cause Mommy brought teddy grahms with us and Pat really liked the idea of bribing me with food. So I did my thing, I took a couple of steps while Pat was holding my arms. I climbed up some steps, and I showed her how easy it is for me to pull to stand. She was happy and I was happy cause Mommy gave me a teddy each time I did something. However, once again I have stumped the great Pat Winders! She can't figure out why I don't want to walk and she can't figure out how to help me. This is like sitting all over again!!!

Tonight me and Mommy were playing in my room. I have this toy that you are supposed to push the top and the balls go round. Well, I prefer to just push it around my room and chase it. I have never been able to push the button hard enough to make the balls go. Tonight Mommy taught me how to do it! I really got the hang of it too! So I spent a lot of time pushing the toy around my room, but now when I get to it I push the button and watch the balls go! Mommy was really proud at how quick I learned how to do it all by myself!

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

I didn't have any appointments today! But Mommy did so I went with her. Of course everyone thought I was soooo cute, and I behaved really well like I usually do. Mommy is one lucky lady to have such a well behaved son like me!

When we got back I was so excited to see that Grandma Donna came over! I was just standing at the window watching the neighborhood and one of my favorite people drove up! Now that was exciting, I will have to stand at the window more often if it means Grandma will come over. We had lots of fun playing and cuddling. She had dinner here and shared her potatoes with me, yum! Then she got me ready for bed and gave me and big hug and kiss before she left! It was a really great night!

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Today was a pretty fun day. I spent a lot of time looking out the window in the living room, it is my new favorite thing to do. I also like playing with the strings from the blinds, now I know I am not supposed to play with those but Mommy says it is alright if I am supervised. Me and Portia like to look out the window together, she always barks to let me know there is something good to see!

My speech teacher came over today. I was not in a cooperative mood and threw everything she gave me on the floor. Oh well, I have good days and bad days, this just wasn't a good day for therapy.

Today was Valentines Day! Mommy said that is the day you celebrate the people you love! There are just so many people that I love, so Happy Valentines Day everybody!!! Daddy must really love Mommy cause he got her flowers. I love Mommy lots too, but all I gave her was a bunch of hugs. She says that is good enough for her!
What are these people doing to me?? See my cool boots??
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Sledding down the hill at the playgroud.
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I wanna go that way Grandpa!
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Monday, February 13, 2006

I know it has been a couple of days since I updated, but they have been really fun days!!!

On Saturday I went over to Grandma Jan's even though it was snowing. First Grandpa came over and helped to move the purple sofa into my room. At first I was like, "Hey, what are you doing to my room!???" But then Mommy showed me how I can stand on the sofa and look out the window, I love it!! I had a great time as usual over at Grandma Jan's. I played with Grandma Jan and got lots of walks around the house with Grandpa Don. By the time they brought me home it was really snowing!

By the time I woke up on Sunday there was a ton of snow on the ground! It was almost 18 inches, that is a lot! Daddy said I couldn't go out and play in it cause I would sink and the snow would be above my head. Mommy said I probably wouldn't like snow anyway. So we all sat at the window and looked out and watched the snow. Now that the purple sofa is upstairs I can stand on the green sofa and have a great view out the front of our house, I love that too!

Today my teacher was supposed to come over, but it was a snow day, so she didn't come. Mommy and me still got up early and just played a bunch. This afternoon Grandma Jan and Grandpa Don came over to take me sledding! They got me a special little sled that is just the right size for me. I put on my snow pants and snow boots (they are way too big, but they light up and I think that is sooo cool!), and we went to the park to go sledding. I will post some pictures later. I really liked the sledding, but when I put my hand in the snow I didn't like it...Mommy was right as usual! After we went sledding we went to dinner at Friendly's. I ate almost a whole grilled cheese sandwich! I also drank a bunch of chocolate milkshake, Yum!!! Then when I got home there were presents for me! My Navy sponsor aunt sent me two really neat puzzles as a valentine/early birthday present! I had a great time playing with them before it was time to go to sleep. It was such a fun day!

Friday, February 10, 2006

This morning I managed to get my whole shirt off! Mommy was so suprised to see me totally topless! Posted by Picasa
Hey everyone! Do you want to see a video of me waving? Just click on this link and turn your head sideways!!
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Quinn Waving

Thursday, February 09, 2006

I climbed up the whole flight of stairs TWICE today!!! I will do anything for a teddy graham! Lindalee didn't even have to help me a little. I just looked up and saw Mommy and Portia sitting there with a box of teddy grahams and I took off. Mommy was way impressed and Lindalee said I should keep practicing cause it will make my legs stronger for walking.

I had a great time playing with my fishbowl today. I really like to put my little pumpkin in my fishbowl and leave it there. But when I push my fishbowl sometimes the pumpkin falls out, so then I have to pick it up and put it back in right away! I also tried to put my tambourine in my fishbowl today but it wouldn't fit. I refused to give up and finally had to just balance it on top. Mommy says I am goofy!

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Today was great! After breakfast I watched Signing Time, Mommy said we are gonna try and do that everyday so I can really learn to sign. I don't mind watching it cause it is a really good DVD, but I am still not sure if I want to sign!

My OT came over today but I wasn't in a very cooperative mood. We played with playdoh, which was pretty fun. I really liked squeezing it in my hands, Portia thought it was food...she is so silly! Besides that mostly Mommy and the OT talked about why I won't drink liquids, sounds like they are out of ideas!

Grandma Donna came over tonight! We cuddled lots and everytime she put me down I got upset, I just wanted her to hold me all night! Unfortunately she couldn't stay all that long, but it was so great seeing her and she did get to help Mommy with some stuff.

Monday, February 06, 2006

We went to playgroup today! It was the one that my teacher, Dorothy, runs and usually there is only one other kid there. Today there were a whole bunch of new kids!!! It was pretty cool. Some of them were older than me, and some were the same age. They were all walking though, that is okay for them...but I still like my commando crawl! I wasn't shy at all today and I played with all the other kids. Then we had circle time and I sat and participated and did really good. Everyone was passing around a mirror to look in and say hi, so when the girl next to me passed it to me, I took it and did exactly what I was supposed to! Mommy said I did better than even some of the older kids! I did get upset a couple of times cause this other little boy kept screaming and it scared me. But I calmed down in time for snacktime and got to eat two animal crackers!

After that Mommy had to go to a doctors appointment so me and Grandma Jan went with her. I am really glad we did cause they had this really cool toy there! It was a big cube that had all kinds of beads and metal things on it! There was a big mirror on the side too. I had the best time playing with it and kept talking and yelling cause I was soooo excited! It was really fun. I had a great day!!!

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Today Mommy, me and Grandma Donna went to this really cool store that had all kinds of neat stuff. Unfortunately it was really crowded and not the kind of place where it is okay for kids like me to grab stuff! Mommy said it was an Antique store! That means really old fragile stuff. We went to see Grandma's friend who was there selling pretty jewlery. We got there and suprise, there was another baby there! Bigger suprise, his name was Quinn too!!! I never met anyone with my name before, it was kinda cool. He was pretty little though, just a baby still...where I am almost a toddler! It was a successful outing cause I didn't break anything and Mommy didn't buy anything!

When we got home Mommy took a nap and Daddy and me played a bunch and watched a bit of the superbowl. It just looked like a typical football game to me, I don't understand what is so super about it!

Saturday, February 04, 2006

I went over to Grandma Jan's house today. It was really fun! We didn't go out anywhere cause it was really yucky out. I got to play with all of my toys and I threw them all over the floor, just like I do at home. Grandpa Don took me for a little walk when it stopped raining and I always love that! I had baby ravioli for dinner and it was pretty good, Grandma had animal crackers for me there too...my new favorite! Grandma Jan and me read some books and there was a really cool one about a baby and it had neat googly eyes. It was a really fun night!

tomorrow me and Mommy are going to a jewelry show with Grandma Donna. It sounds like fun, I love jewelry!!!

Friday, February 03, 2006

I just want everyone to know that I wrote a big detailed blog entry last night and it just disappeared! I am really mad at the stupid Blogger site, but I guess it is okay, we all make mistakes.

So in a nutshell...Yesterday I went to my Down Syndrome playgroup. It was fun but I was too shy to play with the other kids my age. I did play with the baby that was there and found him absolutely fascinating, Mommy says that is really good but I am not sure why! I saw other kids do it, so when we got home I walked across the living room behind my walker wagon, twice! Then Grandma came over and Daddy got home from his business trip. It was a great day!

Today I went to my speech class. The therapist took me into the playroom alone without Mommy. I really really really didn't like that so I cried real hard. Mommy came back in and calmed me down, after about 10 minutes I was okay to participate again. I sat in a chair and we read a book about animals. It was a foam book where the animals can come out like a puzzle. Well I am getting pretty good at puzzles so when the therapist handed me the animal I placed it right back where it belonged and then we pushed it into place together. It was pretty fun and everyone was impressed that I knew how to do puzzles so good! Then we played with bubbles, I love bubbles! I kept trying to catch them in my hands. It was a fun session and they said from now on Mommy can stay with me, at least for a couple more weeks. That will be good, just so I can get to know Shannon my therapist a little better first.

When we got home, and after a nap, I played with Daddy a bunch. I had a great time putting things in my fishbowl and taking them out. Then I walked across the living room with my walker wagon again so Daddy could see how good I can do. Then I was so worn out I had to go to sleep! Tomorrow I go to Grandma Jan's, Yea!

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Today was sooo much fun! First my PT, Lindalee came over to play. She got me to walk across the room in my walker a few times by bribing me with animal crackers. I don't mind a little hard work as long as there is a reward at the end! After that she used the animal crackers to get me to crawl up the stairs. I got almost to the top, but by then I wasn't so hungry. Then I saw that if I kept going I could get to the upstairs hallway, and Mommy never lets me play there! So I took off and crawled all the way to the top and was halfway to the bathroom before Mommy caught me!

Tonight Grandma Donna and Grandpop Bill came over. I had a great time playing with them! What a fun suprise! Grandma made this really yummy low carb casserole....I just love shredded cauliflower...even if no one else did. I also ate some chicken, it was pretty yummy. I had a good time drinking water out of Grandma's glass, even though I got it all over me. It was a fun night but I still missed my daddy. He is coming home tommorow though and spending the whole 3 day weekend with me! Yea!