Friday, March 31, 2006

Today I had speech therapy. I have decided that I really like to have Mommy in the room with me during speech, so when she tries to leave me alone with the therapist I cry. But then she runs back into the room and everything is okay! Today we popped bubbles and the therapist played with my face a lot. It was a good session.

After my nap I played with Mommy and Daddy a bunch. I keep trying to pull myself onto the top of my walker, but Mommy says it is too dangerous. I didn't get a long enough nap so I went to bed really early tonight. Tommorow I get to go to Grandma Jan's house!!!

Thursday, March 30, 2006

What a fun day!! We watched the Wiggles all the way through for the first time. Mommy wasn't impressed, but I liked it a lot. I still prefer Signing Time though, but as long as I can watch both I am good.

My PT came over and that went pretty well. Even though I was tired I cooperated. We worked on sitting and standing mostly. We played with the ball and I showed her how good I am at climbing the stairs. It was fun and I am really starting to get used to the new PT, she seems really nice.

Grandma Donna came over tonight and that was the best part of my day!!! Mommy was gonna put me to sleep cause I was so cranky...but not when Grandma is here!!!! I wanted to cuddle and play so I got my second wind and had a great time. I helped her put away the laundry and we read some books. Then after dinner I was snacking on Cheerios and Grandma wanted some, so I fed them to her! I picked them up and put them right in her mouth, it was really funny! Mommy says I am gonna be such a good big brother with skills like that!

Tommorow is Friday and I get to spend almost all day with Daddy. First we have to go to Speech, but after that I have the whole weekend to play, play, play!!!

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Today was fun! We didn't have any appointments at all, so we got to sleep in and play all day. I watched one of my Signing Time videos and then I had a good time exploring the living room. T.V. looks really different when you stand right in front of it! I stood there and tried to grab stuff when it went by, Mommy says I am so cute she doesn't even mind the fingerprints. I also tried to climb onto the sofa a couple of times. My legs still aren't long enough so I fell every time, I am still not ready to give up though!

Mommy says the PT wants me to work on bouncing so we went to Mommy's room and jumped on her bed! Mommy sang "Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed" and helped me to jump. It was really fun and I cracked up everytime Mommy threw me down on the bed on the part of the song where the monkey bumps his head. I know it was supposed to be physical therapy for me....but Mommy was really out of breath by the time the fifth monkey fell of the bed!

I took a late nap and got to stay up late with Daddy and play! That was lots of fun!!!

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

We went to see Dr. Capone at Kennedy Krieger today. His office is in the same place as Pat Winders, so we got to say hi to her too. It was nice to play with her a little without having to work on walking or anything! I liked Dr.Capone, he had cool toys in his office and one was a bead maze and that is currently my favorite toy! He also let me crawl around and explore and I always like to do that! He said I was doing good. He told Mommy that he thinks I am so delayed cause my receptive language skills suck. Well, he didn't use the word suck, but you know what I mean! He said that is why I am not talking yet, or signing, and why I never listen to Mommy when she says "no". It is something I will probably grow out of, or at least something all my speech therapists can work on. It could also just be that I have fluid in my ears and can't hear well. I go for a hearing test next week, now that doesn't sound like fun at all!!! Overall he was pretty impressed with me though, he thought it was great how interested I am in everything. He even thought it was good when I grabbed all the papers off his desk and threw them on the floor. Mommy never seems real impressed with that trick.

Monday, March 27, 2006

My teacher came over this morning. It was a pretty fun visit. She brought lots of neat stuff with her for me to play with. Still, she is really strict and won't put up with me not cooperating. But doesn't she see how increadibly cute I am???

After that I took a nap. When I woke up me and Mommy played with my new automatic bubble blower that I got for my birthday. It was really fun and I am totally good at pulling down the handle all by myself. We watched bubbles and laughed for at least a half hour, it was soooo much fun! Then the Peapod guy came and delievered the groceries. I tried to crawl right out the door, but Mommy grabbed me.

My new thing is that I really want to climb up on the sofa myself. I keep standing next to it and lifting my one leg as far as I can. Unfortunately, I am not quite tall enough yet so I always end up falling over. Oh well, I just gotta grow one more inch and I'll have it!

Sunday, March 26, 2006

I slept until noon today cause I was so exhausted from my weekend! After that I got to go over to Grandma Jan's house. It was a real grandparent filled weekend! We went to Toys R' Us and looked for birthday presents for me. Then we went to Bob Evans for dinner, I wasn't in the mood to eat, so I just threw everything on the floor! I did drink some chocolate milk though, yummy! I also managed to spit up all over Grandma tonight, sorry about that Grandma Jan!!! I went to sleep early, I need another good nights rest to get over an exciting weekend like the one I had!
The look on Quinn's face after Grandpop Bill poured water over his head!
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Saturday, March 25, 2006

Last night and today were so much fun! I got to spend the night at Grandma Donna's house and that was great. Even though I was sleepy I played and played. We even went out to eat, that was lots of fun too.

Today Great Grandma Berta came to visit with her friends Connie and Christine! I barely ever get to see them because they all live in Philadelphia. It was so great cuddling with Grandma Berta and playing with Connie and Christine. Christine is so funny, she really cracks me up! I showed everyone how I can climb the stairs and how good I am getting at doing the Itsy Bitsy Spider all by myself, everyone was really impressed. It was a great day! Now I am happily back home in my own crib with Mommy, Daddy, and Portia. Life is good.

Actually it is better than good! Connie and Christine gave me the best early birthday present ever! It is an automatic bubble blower, whoopeee!!

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Well, Mommy tried to update yesterday but Blogger messed up and lost her post. Lets just say it was a really busy day and Mommy was too tired to do the update all over again!

Today was really busy too! In the morning I had my teacher come over. We had lots of fun playing. She brought me this cool wedge thing to play with and climb over and is letting us borrow it! Today she also brought a really neat puzzle that has doors you open and stuff inside the doors. I really liked that!

Then this afternoon my new PT came over. She seems nice but I was really uncomfortable with her cause I don't even know her! I kept crawling over to Mommy and wanting to be picked up and held. I even cried a little, but it was just cause I was a bit scared. Maybe next time will be better, I am just too used to Lindalee!

The good news is I wasn't too tired tonight! I got to play with Daddy lots! We played with all my toys and watched the Simpsons together. Then before bedtime Mommy and me read my Leapad book. I love that thing, even though I still need help to make it go. When Mommy tried to put it away I went right back over to it and pulled it out! Mommy let me read it one more time, but then I had to go to bed. Oh well, there is always tommorow.

I can't wait till tommorow! I am going to spend the night at Grandma Donna and Grandpop Bill's house!!! Whoopee!

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Today is World Down Syndrome Day! Another day that is all about me, how about that??!!

My OT came over to play with me today. I was in a funny mood, but I still cooperated. We strung beads and stacked stuff. She wanted me to play with play-dooh but I didn't like the way it felt. I also didn't want to color with a crayon, I am more into art appreciation than actually making it. Mommy says I am just not crafty like she is, but she hopes that will change when I get older. Me too, then me and Mommy can do crafts together...that sounds like fun.

I sang the Itsy Bitsy Spider to myself a bunch of times today! At least that is what Mommy thinks I am doing. I just start making all these sounds and moving my hands around like I am doing the spider. It was a fun day. I was all smiles and laughed a bunch...we like days like that!

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Today was really fun! I spent most of it with Daddy cause Mommy just wasn't feeling well. We played with all my toys. We climbed the stairs a couple of times. And I spent some time in my jumper working on my bouncing. Of course we watched a couple of dorky shows too, this is Daddy I am talking about after all!

I really liked looking out the window today. I stood there and pointed at stuff, but Mommy couldn't tell what I was pointing at. Mommy read me a book about lighthouses that I really liked. She also shared her snack with me. Little yummy chocolate chip cookies! Boy were they good, they came in a little bag and I kept grabbing it away from Mommy trying to get more. I wasn't too good at getting my little hands into the bag though, so I had to give it back to Mommy.

I am gonna be 23 months old tommorow, that is only a month away from the big "2"! I am getting so old!!!!

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Today was super fun! I got to play with Daddy all morning and then we went out on a family outing! We went to Ruby Tuesdays, I really like that restraunt! There was so much going on and so much to look at. I liked the cool multi-colored light over our table. I had crackers from the salad bar, some of Mommy's chicken and fries. She even shared her low-carb cheesecake with me, now that was yummy!!! After dinner we went to the mall and walked around, it was really crowded and exciting. I was a little overwhelmed at first, but I adjusted. It was really fun to go out with Mommy and Daddy as a family!

Yesterday was fun too. I had speech in the morning and did a really good job. Then I went over to Grandma Jan's to play. Me and Grandpa Don went for a walk, which I always love. And Grandma gave me some new books for St. Paddy's day. My favorite is the one about the Itsy Bitsy Spider, it has a cool stuffed spider on the front!! I had a great time visiting with them, I am so glad I got to see them this weekend even though they were going away to West Virginia for a few days!

Tommorow is Sunday so we will probably just hang out, sounds like fun to me!!!

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Today we went to see Pat Winders. I didn't want to go cause I thought she was gonna make me walk, but she didn't! She and Mommy decided to give me a break from walking for a little while, they are hoping I will get over my issues with it. Pat did say she wanted me to practice bouncing because it will help me walk. So when we got home tonight Mommy put me in my jumper and it was pretty fun. Much better than having to walk!!

This afternoon Lindalee came over for the last time but she brought the new PT with her. I wasn't too sure about her at first, but then she sang to me and I liked her a lot! And then after they left Grandma Donna and Grandpop Bill came over!!! That was so much fun, we played and had dinner. Then they had to leave cause they were going to the Down Syndrome Grandparents Group meeting. Imagine that, a whole meeting where all they do is talk about it me!!!
Quinn jumping in his jumper. Finally some fun PT! Posted by Picasa
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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

We went to the eye doctor today and it wasn't fun! At first everything was okay, but then they put these drops in my eyes and I got really mad!!!! By the time we got to see the eye doctor I already knew I wasn't going to cooperate. He tried to get me to look at him but I refused. I would look to the side and when he moved to that side I would look to the other! He seemed nice enough, singing and everything, but I just wanted to make sure he didn't put those horrible things in my eyes again. He finally held my head and looked in my eyes and it really wasn't that bad. The good news is my eyes are just fine and I don't need to get glasses yet!!! He said my vision was good enough to pass the drivers license test...but I don't need a drivers license, I have my Mommy to drive me wherever I want to go!!

Monday, March 13, 2006

My teacher came over today but she didn't want to play with me!! She and Mommy just talked a lot about me and looked at bunches of papers. She did bring me some books about babies though, she loaned them to us cause she says it is gonna be really important for me to learn about babies!

Then this afternoon me and Mommy went to her doctors appointment. It was pretty boring, but at least we didn't have to wait too long this time. Then we got a big suprise because Lindalee (my PT) was there too! Plus she had her little boy Jack with her. That kid sure was interesting! He was running all over and getting into everything. He gave me some of his snack and couldn't believe that I didn't like it! I really had a fun time watching him and playing with him, even though it was only for a little bit. He kept putting the toy container over his head and then laughing, it was really funny so I laughed too! It made a boring trip to the doctors a lot more fun.

For dinner tonight I ate speghetti O's with meatballs. It was pretty yummy! Then cause I had been such a good boy today, Mommy gave me pudding for dessert! Now that was yummy!!!

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Someone put a gate at the bottom of the stairs!!! I went to climb today and there was this big gate stopping me, oh well, I just moved on to something else. Of course later on I did practice climbing the steps but with help from Daddy! Me and Daddy spent all day together, it was great! We played and watched T.V., and he fed me leftover chicken nuggets for lunch...Yummy!

It was a really fun day, we just got to hang out as a family and have a nice boring Sunday!

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Wow, I had a really exciting day! I got to spend all morning with Daddy which was so nice cause I haven't seen much of him lately. I wanted to show him how I can climb the stairs all by myself so I did it without even needing a toy to encourage me! Mommy says they are getting a new gate now since I am so good at it, too bad! Then I took a nap, and then the excitement started!

Grandma Jan came and picked me up and we went to the playground!! It was so nice out today that I didn't even have to wear a coat. There were lots of other kids there and it was fun to watch them. I swung in the swing a little, but am still not thrilled with it. It was really great to play outside and be around other kids. After the playground we went to dinner at the Rainforest Cafe!!! Boy, is that play cool! There were all kinds of animals moving around and even a huge fishtank. I had a great time and I ate some dinosaur chicken nuggets too. The thunderstorm that they have kinda scared me a little, but I handled it like a big boy and didn't cry!

Friday, March 10, 2006

Today was fun, no therapy!!! I watched Signing Time and I love that DVD. Mommy is hoping that if I watch it enough that I might just decide on my own to start signing. I don't know about that, but it is really entertaining!

What I was really into today was the stairs! I kept climbing up the first two steps and then just looking up the long flight of stairs. Then Mommy came over and put my fishtank on one of the upper steps and I went for it! I climbed up the whole flight of stairs with no help from Mommy and no Teddy Grahms to bribe me. I did it a bunch more times today too. One time I went over and brought my little toy with me and put it one step up and then looked at Mommy to let her know I wanted to go for it! When we did I laughed the whole time, it was fun and when I got to the top of the steps I just kept crawling right into my room and we played in there for a while.

It was a really fun day! Tommorow I get to go over to Grandma Jan's house...I can't wait!!!

Thursday, March 09, 2006

We slept in today! I had to make up for all that waking me up Mommy did yesterday! When I got up I was in a pretty good mood. Me and Mommy played a whole bunch! Then she decided to clean up some of my toys. She went around the living room picking up toys and putting them away. I followed her and took them right back out! Now I didn't mean to make it hard on Mommy or anything, but everytime she picked something up it just looked so interesting I had to pick it up! So Mommy gave up and next time you come to our house and it is covered with toys, you will understand why! I felt bad so I tried to help. I put my fishbowl inside the basket with all of Mommy's catalogs and magazines. It was really heavy, but I was determined so I got it in. Mommy didn't seem to appreciate my help to much though, oh well.

Lindalee came over and we did PT. I refused to walk, but did a good job on the steps. She was also very impressed that I was crawling so much on my hands and knees. Mommy and me are sad because we may not see her again for a really long time. She is going away for a while to have a baby. She says there is a nice lady named Deborah coming over instead, but no one is Lindalee!!!

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

I had a rough day today. It all started when Mommy came into my room this morning and woke me up! Well, I hate to be woken up! I tried to just keep my eyes closed and turn my face away from Mommy, but she didn't get the idea. She said I had to wake up cause the speech teacher was coming over. I was mean to Mommy all morning cause I was still mad at her for forcing me to get up. But when the speech teacher got here I was as sweet as could be! I really like this teacher, she makes me laugh lots...the old speech teacher just wasn't any fun! I had a great time during our session but still didn't talk. Plus, I was too distracted by having fun that I wouldn't even clap for her.

Then I got to take a nap and Mommy woke me up again!!!! She said this time the OT was coming over, I was even madder this time! Of course I was good for the OT. I even talked a bunch, but still didn't want to clap. Hey, if they want to see me clap they should watch the video like everyone else!

I went to sleep really early tonight cause I missed out on so much sleep earlier today. Tommorow we only have one appointment, so maybe Mommy won't have to wake me up at all!

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Today was fun. Mommy and me hung out and played. I kept trying to climb the stairs. I am really good at getting up the first two and I like to sit and play on the landing. I don't really feel comfortable climbing the rest of the stairs, even though those are carpeted so they are easier. Mommy was real nice and came and played with me on the landing for a while, so that was good.

I took a late nap and when I woke up Grandma Donna was here! What a great suprise. Then an even better suprise was when Grandpop Bill stopped by too! He didn't stay too long, but it was great to see him. Grandma shared her dinner with me, it was steak fajitas and I really liked it! I like spicy food just like my daddy! After dinner we played some more and then I went to sleep, it was a great night!

Sunday, March 05, 2006

We went over to Grandma Jan's house today so we could visit with Uncle Scott and Aunt Stacey. It was lots of fun! They really liked all of the toys I have over there and we all played with them together. I was a little shy about playing with them at first, but I got more comfortable after a little bit. Guess what?? Grandma Jan found another tooth! It is the matching tooth to the one that is already coming in, just on the other side. I still don't have any on the bottom steak for me!

We all went out to dinner at Steak and Ale tonight. It was fun, we sat at a table right next to the fireplace and I really liked watching the fire. I ate lots of crackers and a whole sweet potatoe, it was really good.

It was a really fun day!

Friday, March 03, 2006

Today was lots of fun! First we went to my speech therapy and I did great. I didn't need Mommy in the room with me at all and I behaved perfectly. Everyone was really impressed.

After we came home and I took a nap, me, Mommy, and Daddy all went to the mall. We went to Cartoon Cuts and I got my hair cut! It was much better than last time. I only complained when the lady sprayed my hair to get it wet. Besides that I sat pretty still and it was over before I knew it! Mommy says my hair looks much better and I look like a big boy. I saw myself in a mirror in Hechts and I grabbed my hair, I couldn't believe it was all gone! Mommy posted a picture below of my new 'do!

After we walked around the mall a bunch we went to dinner at the Mongolian Grill. I played with chopsticks and ate some of Mommy's chicken. I also ate tons of chocolate pudding! You can probably still see some of it on my face in the picture! I don't care, it was yummy!!!
Quinn's new haircut!
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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Want to see a video of Quinn clapping??? Click below!

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Quinn Clapping!

And here is a video of Quinn looking out the window. It is one of his favorite things to do!

View this video montage created at One True Media
Looking out the window

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Today my old speech teacher came back. I didn't recognize her...she was missing her belly! I had a good time with her though. She is funny and she made me laugh. She also blew lots of bubbles for me and I was really in the mood for some fun bubbles! I didn't really talk for her, cause I didn't feel comfortable enough, maybe next week. She was really impressed with how much I have changed though, she said I was so much more interactive...I guess that is a good thing.

The rest of the day me and Mommy just played a bunch. Daddy got home late but I still got to see him and all. Plus right before it was time for me to go to bed Grandma Donna stopped by so I got to cuddle with her and give her a big bedtime hug!