Thursday, May 31, 2007

Daddy is home!!! I am so glad he is back, I really missed the big guy! Tonight we snuggled on the sofa together and watched Mythbusters, it was so great. Then we played the game where he lifts me over his head! I love you Daddy!

School was pretty good today. I had a bowl movement, I haven't done that at school since the first day!! Sorry teachers! I have really been enjoying my bus ride and am feeling comfortable enough now to dance in my seat. My morning bus aid thinks I am the best dancer ever! The last two mornings she couldn't stop telling Mommy how good I dance and how I have got rhythm. I guess she is surprised that a white boy like me could dance so good!! :) Hey, I may not be able to walk or talk, but I have definately got soul!!!

My principal called Mommy tonight! Well, it wasn't really her, just a recording. She was reminding all the parents that it was Field Day tommorow. Us pre-schoolers don't get to participate, but I sure hope we get to watch! Plus there was some mention of free snowballs??? Yum!

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

I had a fun day at school. We had our snack outside, it was a picnic! I also got to play ball with all my friends so it was great. Have I mentioned I love school?

Tonight Grandma Donna came over! We played and had dinner. She helped Mommy organize all our clothes. I just love watching Grandma Donna fold laundry! Then she gave me my bath and that was really fun. We laughed and splashed and had a great time.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

I am so glad that long weekend is over and I could go back to school!!! I had such a fun day today. There was a new shape sorter in class today and I showed everyone how good I am at shapes. Then I played ball with Eugene and that was really fun.

Tonight it was just me, Mommy and Daddy. He had to work :( I miss him a bunch! Mommy saw I was sad so she let me watch extra Wiggles, yay!!

Grandma Donna is coming over tommorow, can't wait!!

Monday, May 28, 2007

My little problem is all better! I had two nice big poops today, what a relief! And I took care of it all before I went over to Grandma Jan's house!

We went over there this afternoon and it was so much fun. I got in the little pool and had a great time splashing around and playing. Cooper thought it looked too much like a bath, so he didn't join me. But he did spash in his own little bucket a little, I hope he gets over his fear of water soon so we can play in the pool together. After that we went to the playground and then to Friendlys for dinner. We had grilled cheese and fries, yummo!

Sunday, May 27, 2007

I had an unusually cranky day today. That is probably because I haven't had a poopy diaper in a while. Lesson to Mom and Dad: Don't stop giving me my Miralax just because I have a few diaper blow outs! Oh well, I still managed to have a pretty good day.

We all went to the mall tonight and I got some new shoes. Mommy decided that since we spent so much money on my Sure Step foot braces, it was silly to shove them into cheapo shoes that were too big for me. So we went to the Stride Right outlet and bought some better ones. These are much lighter, they have laces (like the Sure Step guy suggested), and they are extra wide so they are also the right length. Plus they look cooler, and no matter what anyone says, that does matter! My Payless shoes looked goofy!

So even though we were at the mall and I was in the front seat I was still grumpy. Mommy asked me if I wanted some pizza and I got all excited. Then we stopped at a store first and I got really mad! If you offer me pizza you better be prepared to deliver, pronto! So as soon as I got my pizza and my breadstick from the food court I felt much better. Now if I could only poop!

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Today was fun! I got to play with Daddy and Cooper and even with Mommy a little! Everyone is feeling much better and if we are all still good tommorow we are gonna go on a family date! Wooohooo! We didn't get to go to Grandma Jan's house today cause they went to West Virginia for the day. I really missed seeing Grandpa Don but Mommy says we will probably get to see them on Monday instead, since it is a holiday!!

The funnest thing that happened today is that I put the blanket over my head to play
peek-a-boo and Portia jumped on top of me and tried to find me! That really cracked me up! Then Cooper tried to get her to do it to him but she wouldn't. I guess she didn't want to find him!

Friday, May 25, 2007

I didn't get to go to school today. Mommy was really really sick and she was too busy throwing up to get me ready to go. Poor Mommy, I understand, but I sure missed going to school. When I realized I wasn't going to school I just went back to sleep, because I am the best little boy ever!

When I did finally wake up I got to watch the Wiggles and had a great time playing in the pop-up tent with Cooper. It is going to be an extra long weekend, three days of Daddy!!!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

So happy to be going to school!
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A fake smile, he is actually grinding his teeth :(
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Looking for the bus.
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Signing "bus" !
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Quinn likes to hold onto the safety belt while the lift is moving, it is so cute!
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Off to have fun at school!
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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The last two days I have been sound asleep when Mommy got me off the school bus in the afternoon. I can't help it, school is so much fun it tires me out! Today we made bunny faces out of paper plates and I brought mine home for Mommy. I didn't really make it myself, but I sat with the rest of the class and helped my aid do it. When Mommy took it out of my bookbag and asked me if I made it, I got all excited and clapped. There was also a report card in my bag, but it wasn't mine! Whoops! I guess my teacher put Caleb's report in my folder by mistake. I sure hope that Caleb's Mommy got my report and I can get it tommorow. That will be my very first report card!

Go on over to Cooper's blog to see some cute pictures of him riding in my wagon. There are two seats in that wagon so hopefully one of these days I will get to go too. That is okay though, I would rather be in school anyway!

Friday, May 18, 2007

My bus aid told Mommy today how smart she thinks I am! She said in all the time she had been working on the bus she had never seen a kid figure out how to get out of their carseat straps. Until today of course! When she wasn't watching I worked my little arms though and slid them right out. Sometimes I like to do that so I can dance better. Mommy told her the straps have to be really tight on me, she said she realizes I am such a little devil sometimes, good thing I am so cute! :)

I had a really fun day at school and when Mommy read my daily note the teacher had circled "happy" and "energetic" for my mood. She has only done that once before, I think it is another way of saying "hyper". I used up all my energy at school though, so when I got home I took a nice long nap. I didn't get to see much of Grandma Berta today, but that is okay. She is going to come back in less than a month and then she will be living right next door!! I am so excited that I will get to see her so much!!!!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

I had a really fun day at school today. I had my private PT session and we worked really hard! I was so worn out from all that exercise that I fell asleep on the busride home. I was totally out and didn't even wake up when they put me in my stroller and I rode on the wheelchair lift. So Mommy took my shoes off and put me right to bed, I had a nice long nap.

When I woke up I played with Cooper and Great Grandma Berta. I climbed into my new little car and played in there for a while. Then Mommy put Signing Time on and I sat in my car and watched it! I made a bunch of the signs right along with the video today. Did I tell you that I learned a new sign? It is a really good one! "Bus"! This morning when Mommy started running around getting me ready I realized the bus was going to be there soon. So I looked over at Grandma Berta and signed it! I am such a smarty!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Today Mommy had to wake me up so I could go to school. Bad idea. I am not a happy camper when I get woken up before I am ready. I had a huge crying fit and was too upset to even eat my cereal. Mommy finally gave up and let me eat two bananas! So of course after all that I was late to school! But as soon as we got there I cheered right up, no more Mr. Cranky Pants. I had a great day at school and then I got to ride the bus home! It was pretty exciting. When Mommy came to take me off the bus she asked the aid if I cried or anything. The aid told Mommy, "Nope, he laughed the whole time!" From now on I get to ride the bus to and from school everyday, this whole "school" thing just keeps getting better and better!

Monday, May 14, 2007

Today there was no school. It was parent/teacher conference day for Pre-K and K. I am Pre-K so me, Mommy, and Cooper all went to have a conference with my teacher! I was so excited and happy to be at school, even though none of my friends were there. Me and Cooper got to play in my classroom while Mommy and Ms. Carol talked. Of course, she only told Mommy wonderful things about me....are you surprised? I showed Mommy how I know how to climb up on the step stool to wash my hands and how I can pull all the letters off the board. It is okay to pull the letters off because they are velcro, Ms. Carol told Mommy I do it everyday:) I also got to play in the "housekeeping area" it is really cool cause it has a kitchen and lots of toy food. I pulled out a big plastic slice of watermelon and started eating it just like you are supposed to, now how did I know how to do that?? Cooper just chased the cauliflower around like it was a ball....what a goof!

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day!!! I love you Mommy, you are the best!

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Quinn as a Meez!
What a fun day! It was Saturday so I got to play with Daddy, plus we got to go over to Grandma Jan's house. Tonight Grandpa Don and Grandma Jan took us downtown to the Inner Harbor. It was great, we drive by there all the time, but Mommy never stops. We saw boats and lots of people. It was really fun walking around and then we got pizza for dinner. Did you know I can sign "pizza" now? Mommy didn't!

When we got home I saw that Mommy and Daddy had gone shopping. They got me a Cozy Coupe!!! I can't wait until Daddy puts it together so I can ride in it!!! I also got a new stool so I can wash my hands in the sink like a big boy.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Today was great! I went to school and had the best time. When Mommy came to pick me up we had just finished playing on the playground. I was all tired and sweaty cause I was playing so hard. It was so much fun!!! When we got home from school Mommy went to read what was in my folder and found my surprise. There was a Mother's Day present in there! It was a magnet made out of popsicle sticks with my picture on it. She loved it so much she started crying and gave me lots of hugs and kisses, silly Mommy:)

Then tonight Grandma Donna came over and we ate pizza and worked on the house. I played in my crib while Mommy and Grandma cleared all the extra boxes out of my room and finally put my clothes away. I love seeing Grandma Donna so much, I hope we never finish unpacking!!!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

I was pretty disapointed that I didn't get to go to school today. Instead we just slept late, hung out and played. I did enjoy playing with Cooper, he is so much fun to grab things from! We finally got our new dishwasher delivered today. It is big and rolls around...can't wait to get my hands on it! That is one of the things I miss most about being at Grandma Donna's, playing in the kitchen.

This afternoon Mommy put my Sure Steps and new shoes on, but we didn't go anywhere. Weird. I didn't mind them too much, but they do make it harder to climb. I didn't try to take them off even once, even when I got bored. Mommy and me tried some walking practice, but I wasn't too into it. Oh well, she should be happy I am tolerating them so well. She should also be happy I haven't kicked Cooper in the face....yet.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

I wore my new Sure Steps to school today! They didn't bother me at all and I didn't mess with my new shoes much either. Mommy was worried that since they are velcro I would just take them off, but I didn't. I was way too busy having fun at school!

We were late today, really late. Apparently my teacher doesn't wait in the hall for 15 extra minutes to see if I show up, can't blame her! So Mommy took me down to the classroom herself and everyone was so excited to see me. Ms. Carol told Mommy that it wasn't a problem if I was late and not to worry. That is good, because it probably won't be the last time :) Jimmy was happy to see me as usual. He came over and tickled my belly! He is so sweet and so much fun, he is like the big brother I will never have.

I was very pleasently surprised this afternoon when Grandpa Don came to pick me up. He took me back to his house and gave me lunch and took me for a walk. I had a great time hanging out with him! Then he took me home for a much needed nap. When I woke up Grandpop Bill came over, it was a grandfather filled day! We didn't get to play too much cause he was working on the house. We did manage to squeeze in some wrestling and tickling and he shared his french fries with me at dinner.

It was a great day! Tommorow we get to just hang out cause there is no school. There is a field trip but it didn't sound right for me so we are taking the day off.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Feeling the Love across Cyberspace
Please take a moment to send lots of postive thoughts to Gabe and his Mommy! Gabe is the same age as my brother Cooper and is having his second Open Heart Surgery soon. His big sister is special just like me, so even though we have never met, we are still family!!!
I am finally living in my new house! I love it here already. The only room that is all together is my playroom and it is awesome. My room still has a lot of boxes in it, but I really missed sleeping in my crib. I was so excited on Saturday night when I saw my crib set up! It is nice to not have such a long trip to school anymore, but I miss all that extra time I got to spend with Grandma Donna and Grandpa Don before and after school. I like having Mommy drop me off and pick me up cause she gets to see how much all the kids love me. I have a special friend names Jimmy and every morning he looks for me and comes over to say hi. Plus all the teachers (even the ones for older kids) know my name and say hi to me every morning. I am one of the most popular kids at school!!!

Today after school we went back to Virginia to pick up my Sure Steps. I fell asleep on the way there and when I woke up I was in the office and already wearing them! They are pretty comfortable and don't really bother me too much. My shoes didn't fit over them so we had to stop on the way home and buy new ones. I wore my Sure Steps with no shoes all the way home. I kept freaking Mommy out cause I realized that if I slap my feet together they make a loud cracking sound. Mommy says it sounds just like a rock hitting the windshield! Cool :) After we got my new shoes I practiced walking in them a little. It felt weird and I wasn't too sure about them, but I did feel more sturdy. We will see what happens. I have to go back for a month for a follow up, maybe I will walk into the office this time!!

Thursday, May 03, 2007

I skipped school today! I didn't want to, but Mommy made me. We had to go to Kennedy Krieger and see Pat Winders. It was okay, not bad at all. I showed her how I will walk some independent steps towards Mommy and she was really impressed! I took four whole steps while she was watching. She said I had a really good waddle, which is important. She was really impressed that I was waddling at all instead of just lunging, so that is a really positive sign. She said I am always full of got that right lady!:)

Today Mommy ask me if I wanted cheese and I signed "cheese". Surprise! Then I got my hands on a half empty Diet Coke can and emptied it on the floor. When Mommy walked in me and Cooper were having a great time splashing around in it! Surprise! And then when I got up from my nap Mommy realized I had gone digging in my diaper! Extra Yucky Surprise with Poop on top!!! I didn't get it all over, just on my hands. So I got to wash my hands in the big boy sink and that was fun. I love to splash in the water.

Tommorow I get to go to school and then Saturday I hopefully get to finally move into my new house. I can't wait!!!

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

I was really tired this morning. Grandma Donna actually had to wake me up to get ready for school! If you know me, you know that I am usually very grumpy when I get woken up. But all Grandma Donna had to do was mention that magic word "school" and I perked right up! I really love school!

Today we learned some more about dogs and sang a song that I really liked. It was lots of fun. I don't know why my Mommy didn't like school, it is the best thing ever!!! After a yummy lunch at Grandpa Don's we came home and took a nap. Then I woke up just in time for Grandpop Bill to come home and he tickled me so hard I peed my pants, good thing I still wear diapers! I am really gonna miss all the great tickles when we move into our new house, not to mention the big screen TV!