Thursday, March 31, 2005

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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Quinn and his Easter basket! Posted by Hello

Are you nuts Mommy! My carseat is so much more comfortable! Posted by Hello
Today was fun. Mommy and I went out and did errands. We picked up Daddy's suit and went to the supermarket. I was a big boy and sat in the cart with my new seat belt that Mommy got me. I was very good while she shopped, when I got bored I just grabbed her shopping list from her and chewed on that for a while. I didn't cry at all until the end, then I was upset cause I was getting tired and couldn't see Mommy.

While we were at the supermarket Mommy got me some new food called Wagon Wheels. They are really easy to hold and taste just like my fruit puffs. I chewed on one during dinner and it was yummy!

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

What a day! This morning we went to see Pat Winders, but she was at a different place than normal. I really liked this place cause it had big windows and today was such a nice sunny day. I sat pretty darn good today if I may say so myself. I sat without help but still leaning on a back support for a few minutes. Mommy and Pat were both so proud of me, that felt really good. I also showed Pat how good I am at pivoting and she was really impressed. She said that by next month I should have my balance all worked out and then it will be totally up to me if I want to sit. I will think about it.

Lindalee came over today too. Lots of PT today. I was pretty worn out by the time she got here so we didn't get much done. I'm gonna miss her while she is away in Europe! She will be back in a few weeks though.

Even though I was really tired I stayed up so I could see Daddy and play with him. I love that guy!

Monday, March 28, 2005

Well, it rained really bad today, so we didn't get to go see Grandma Donna! :(

But I still had a pretty fun day. Me and Mommy had a play-a-thon, we played all day long! We played Patty-Cake, Mommy sang Thumbkin, I hit my new pusher toy over and over. We also read my Peek-a-Boo book a bunch of times, that is one fun book. We worked on kneeling and sitting of course. I really like kneeling, but I wish I could see my mommy easier while I am doing it. I was all worn out from all of the playing so I fell asleep before Daddy got home again. Too bad. Tommorow I see Pat Winders and Lindalee, I am gonna be exhauseted!

Sunday, March 27, 2005

Happy Easter everyone! I had the best day. This morning Mommy gave me my first Easter basket and it was so cool. The basket looked just like a ducky and there were presents inside. I got a little Poe, a tiny little Boohbah and a stuffed Peep. I loved them all, but next year I get to have candy!!!!

Tonight we went over to Grandma Donna's and Grandpop Bill's. We played lots and had tons of fun. I tried to eat a banana, but it was too slippery. I loved seeing my Grandma and Grandpop. I might even get to see my Grandma again tommorow for lunch if it isn't too rainy!

Friday, March 25, 2005

I weigh 17 lbs 7 ozs! I am getting so big!

I went to the doctors today to get my last RSV shot of the season, yea! It wasn't so bad, I really loved playing with the paper on the table. I rolled around so it was wrapped around me and then I grabbed some and flapped it over my head to hear it crinkle. Too bad Mommy forgot to bring the camera, it would have made some great video.

Tonight we went to a restraunt I had never been to before. It really liked it, there were lots of cool chinese umbrellas hanging from the ceiling. Those things are even neater than ceiling fans! Plus it was a buffet so Mommy gave me some bites of pudding. I wouldn't eat the Jello, Mommy claims that it is food, but I just don't believe her!

Thursday, March 24, 2005

Well, my teacher canceled today, which really sucked cause we had to get up and ready really early for her. But atleast Lindalee my PT came over. She said that I was her favorite client and that she always looks forward to seeing me. She wanted me to tell her why I don't want to sit, but I couldn't of course. Next time she comes over we are going to play on the stairs! Fun!

I went over to Grandma Jan's house for a couple of hours tonight. They are going on vacation this week so they wanted to see me before they left. I had fun, we cuddled and played, and then I spit up on top of Grandpa Don's head again! It was a really good night. I am gonna miss them this weekend though.

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

I had a good day today. The OT came over and played with me a while. She brought over this really neat push toy that plays music and I liked it so much she left it here for me! I love playing with that toy, it is so cool. I really didn't want to sit today so we didn't do to much of that. Instead I played in my excersaucer and I really stood up and rocked it for the first time, I loved it, it made me feel like a big boy. Tommorow both my teacher and my PT are coming over so I hope I sleep really good tonight, I am gonna need my energy!

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Sorry I have been missing updating my blog so much, but Mommy has been working me really hard and I am really worn out. She seems to think this sitting up thing is really important, I don't know why. Anyway, it isn't really all that bad and I think maybe I will do it someday. Till then I kind of like practicing with Mommy, she is really good at keeping me entertained while I sit. Today she even got Portia to sit in front of me, but she ran away when I pulled her hair. I had a good day, lots of sitting, some fun in my excersaucer, the usual. I was so tired out that I fell asleep before Daddy got home! That sucks, I miss my daddy!

Sunday, March 20, 2005

I had the best weekend! It was so much fun. On Friday Grandma Donna came over and picked me up. We went and spent the night at her house with Grandpop Bill. I had a great time with them. I ate my first Papa John's breadstick, I watched Finding Nemo, and I played with my new hammer toy! I had the best time! I can't wait to do it again.

After Grandma and Grandpop brought me home we all went out to dinner and I was really good. I chewed on some of the bread there too. I am already getting addicted to carbs, isn't that great!?? Today I went over to Grandma Jan's and had a great time there too. I got a bunch of Easter presents. I got a bunny, a beach bucket with lots of beach toys in it, and a book of course!

So much fun, but I am exhausted!

Thursday, March 17, 2005

Grandma Donna and Grandpop Bill came over for dinner tonight! It was so much fun seeing them, even if it was just for a little while. Tommorow I get to go home with Grandma Donna and spend the night in Annapolis, I am so excited!

Lindalee cam over today and she said I was doing good. I had lots of fun playing tug of war with her and my bucket! She also made all of my Sesame Street pop ups pop up and sing, that was cool.

I only got to cuddle with Daddy a little tonight, but tommorow I get to spend all day with him! Yea, I love Happy Fridays!

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

I am still fighting my cold. I took another really long nap today. My crib is so comfy I can't help it! I am really rolling everywhere now and I do it so I can get to specific things. I rolled under the coffee table to get my block today. I rolled all the way across my bedroom and got a plastic bag, but Mommy wouldn't let me play with it! No fair! So anyway, who needs to crawl when I can roll so well??!!

Mommy says that tommorow I am going to have lots of visitors! I wonder who is coming over? I can't wait!

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

I had an okay day today. I am still a little snotty and cranky. I took a 3 hour nap today! I hope I feel better really soon cause I am going to visit Grandma Donna and Grandpop Bill this weekend! Today I played with my fishbowl a lot. I read a book on my Leap Pad with a little help from Mommy. Mommy spent a lot of time today trying to teach me how to say hi, but no luck yet. I really liked watching her say hi and wave to me over and over though!

Monday, March 14, 2005

I didn't sleep well last night, I think it is cause I didn't feel really good. I was cranky all day because of it and it wasn't that much fun. I took an extra nap and that seemed to help a lot. Mommy and me read my book about a little boy who goes to a firehouse. It was neat. I really wanted to chew on it, but Mommy said it wasn't that kind of book and gave me Pat the Bunny. Mommy sang me a bunch of new songs today. I love it when she sings to me. She even went online and got all the words to "The Littlest Worm" so she could sing to me like Grandma Donna sang to her. I can't wait until I can sing it with her!

Sunday, March 13, 2005

Today wasn't our usual lazy Sunday! We all got up early and went shopping! We had to get Mommy a new Kitchen Aid mixer, she is much happier now that she has one again. She was pretty depressed about her old one breaking. Then we went to get Daddy some shoes, they barely had any his size! I hope my feet never get that big! We found some though, so that is good. My shoes seem like they would be more comfortable, but they don't make them in a size 13! Then we went out to eat at Fridays, I slept through most of it so no tastes today. I had a pretty snotty nose today, I hope I am not getting a cold!!!!!

Saturday, March 12, 2005

Today I got to go and visit Grandma Jan. It was lots of fun. She gave me some presents for St. Patrick's day, and I am not even Irish! I got a water play mat and 2 really good books. I had lots of fun rolling around Grandma's living room. Then Grandpa Don took me for a walk around the neighborhood and then gave me some sandpaper to play with (since he knows how much I love textures). He is so great, I feel kinda bad about spitting up on the top of his head....but those piggy back rides make me nauseus!

Thursday, March 10, 2005

Mommy and me went to the doctor today, but it was for her not me. So no shots! It was actually lots of fun, everyone said how cute I was and I got to watch Family Feud in the waiting room. Lindalee came over today. She kept showing me toys and putting them just out of my reach. I had to roll around and scoot a little to get to them. Mommy thought that was really great, but I found it to be a little annoying.

Tonight I just didn't want to go to sleep. I was really hyper, I was playing with my plastic container and I kept banging it into my face and laughing. I finally fell asleep at about 8:45, that is pretty late for me, I guess I will sleep in tommorow.

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

I had a new kind of yogurt for breakfast today. It had lots of little blueberries in it! I really liked it, it is much better than that smooth baby yogurt I used to eat. Then at lunch Mommy mixed lots of little bits of fruit into my cereal. That was good too, do you think she is trying to tell me it is time to eat chunkier food?

My OT Michelle came over today. She was way impressed with my excellent straw drinking abilities! We had fun playing, she brought over a yummy bucket and some cool blocks to play with.

I really want to crawl but Mommy says it isn't time yet. So I have to stick to rolling and pivoting to get around. Today I rolled over to the sofa and looked under it for like half an was neat.

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

It snowed some more today, will it ever stop? I want to start going on walks again with Mommy!

Today wasn't too exciting. No one came over or anything. I rolled around a lot, Mommy can't take her eyes off me anymore. I played with some of the mail and took an extra long nap. Just another lazy day!

Monday, March 07, 2005

Today was lots of fun. Mommy and me played with Cherrios on my highchair tray. That was cool, but I wasn't too interested in eating them. Portia was though and Mommy showed me how to feed them to her! This afternoon Grandma Jan came over to babysit. That was great, I love being the center of her attention!

I had a really exciting weekend. I saw Grandma Donna & Grandpop Bill on Friday, then I spent Saturday night at Grandma Jan's, then on Sunday we went back to Grandma Donna's for Daddy and Cousin Jeffrey's birthday party! It was tons of fun. I really liked seeing my cousins AJ and Jeffrey, they are such cool kids!

Friday, March 04, 2005

Quinn all dressed up and smiling! Posted by Hello

Thursday, March 03, 2005

We went to playgroup today and it was so much fun! I was so excited to see other kids that I started to talk to everyone and I never do that in front of people. There weren't that many kids there, but I got to see my friend Peter and a new friend Aidan. They are both a year older than me and were doing all kinds of cool stuff like sitting, crawling, and walking. I napped on the way home and then Lindalee came over and played with me. She said my sitting is even better than it was on Tuesday! She also said that I was her favorite kid to work with!! That is probably cause I am so cute and fun to cuddle with.

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

We went downtown today to see my OT at Kennedy Krieger. That is always so exciting, I like seeing everything going on in Baltimore. Plus, I love seeing my OT cause she always gives me good stuff to eat. Today she gave me pineapple, peach, and graham cracker. Yummy! She said that I was doing a great job and was even above average for my adjusted age and my DS. She also said all my fine motor skills will get even better as soon as I can sit up really well. Gosh, I am working on it, okay guys??!!!

Tommorow Mommy is gonna wake me up real early and we are going to go to playgroup. I hope we make it this time! I love seeing other kids!

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Even though it snowed both my teacher and my PT came over today. I had lots of fun playing with them and showing off all of my skills. Lindalee was very impressed with my new sitting skills. She said I am making great progress!

The best part of my day was when Grandma Donna stopped by on the way home. She cuddled me and played with me and read me a book. Then she fed me dinner and I showed her how good I am at drinking from my straw. It was another great day. Tommorow we are going to Kennedy Krieger to see an OT there. I bet she will be impressed with my staw drinking too!